Sunday, October 20, 2019

Some Tweets from Gabrrielle Farrell

Gabrielle Farrell is the press secretary for candidate Elizabeth Warren.

  • aren’t all the colors lovely? πŸ“Έ cred: Kohar Minassian – at Drake Stadium
  • . received her 2Mth donation today! “2M is an incredible milestone to reach,” said the baddest CM around, . “Every time this campaign receives a contribution, it's b/c someone felt inspired.”
  • Let’s make sure she sees a woman in the White House, running things.
  • . with 475 friends at Simpson College, speaking about her vision for the United States. πŸ—½ πŸ“Έcred:
  • The student body president, Jailyn, at Simpson College in Indianola is totally over small incremental change. She’s rockin’ with big structural change and can’t wait to elect America’s first woman president. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ – at Simpson College
  • Happy Day 2 of our Weekend of Action! is ready to: ✅ Outwork ✅ Out-Organize ✅ Outlast
  • Not devoting her calendar to closed-door events with wealthy donors means can travel the country shining a light on problems and laying out her plans for big, structural change. She has now done more than 140 townhalls across 27 states and taken more than 70,000 selfies.
  • Brenda, 80, on the phone with a potential caucus-goer just now: “well, *I’m* going to the caucus and you’re a year younger than me. It’s easy!”
    Brenda phone banking for Elizabeth Warren! She has a headset like the expert phone banker she is.
  • Can I get a "hell yes" for Brenda's headset?? This is big energy
  • This is our first in California & the room is PACKED! We have volunteers from all over the state who are fired up for . This is a people-powered campaign & our volunteers are ready to get organized & fight for who they believe in.
  • SO excited to be in this fight with ! Welcome (officially!) to the team!
  • Ava Jane & Michael are talking to Iowans about why they support . Ava Jane will be too young to caucus in February, and Michael has never caucused before. I’m so grateful to be part of this equal access campaign.
  • 1st time ever doing a lil laundry at a hotel, and it’s bringing me back to my college days.
  • . supporters fired up by at the Denver Warren weekend of action! “Dream” Day one in the books.
  • The best way to draw more people into the fight is to have fighters who look like them. I’ll pinky promise on that, too.
  • Surprise: Amazon is trying to tilt the Seattle City Council elections in their favor. I'm with the Seattle council members and activists who continue standing up to Amazon. Corporations aren't people, and I have a plan to get big money out of politics.
  • "One of the things that I like about Elizabeth Warren is that she's acknowledging the problems, but she's also backing them up with realistic solutions," said Richlyn Williams, a sophomore majoring in speech pathology and audiology.
  • This amazing woman legit stands around all night to take pictures with anyone who wants one. Luckily they took kids first, or we'd be there till 5am. Nobody should ever question her stamina, passion, or drive. She's the real deal, y'all.