Sunday, October 20, 2019

Some Tweets from David Sirota

David Sirota is the speech writer for candidate Bernie Sanders.

  • On top of this being factually inaccurate, invoking Paul Wellstone to attack Bernie Sanders is one of the most despicable things I've seen. When I worked for Bernie 20 years ago, Paul was one of our best and most steadfast allies. Using his memory to attack Bernie is grotesque.
  • Dear Donut Twitter: it's good notes that has fought the good fight for decades. Thats called positive campaigning. It isnt an attack on other candidates. If you think it is, you're admitting you worry that other candidates dont have as good a record.
  • This seems like important news.
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    At a forum today, six candidates were asked, by a show of hands, whether Donald Trump had committed an impeachable offense. Five of us said yes (he’s admitted as much). John tried yes and no—and then said, “We don’t know.” Maybe we should ask .
  • Bernie Sanders holds the largest rally of the 2020 race & gets huge endorsements - and yet less than 24 hours later, NBC nonetheless publishes this pre-cooked story, stubbornly refusing to allow the day's huge events to get in the way of manufacturing its preferred narrative
  • For the first time, my kids think I’m cool
  • FWIW I'm happy to personally accept all of Twitter's "I hate Bernie's meanie staff" insults in exchange for passing Medicare for All, eliminating student debt and saving humanity from climate change.
  • Health care premiums are taxes collected by private insurance corporations. Here's news that those insurance corporations are expected to raise millions of Americans' taxes next year:
  • I've just been informed that I am now a part of the Marvel universe
  • There’s the old labor song “Which side are you on?” Corporatists want us to believe we never have to choose a side — but in this epic battle against oligarchy, we do have to make a choice. Which side are you on? & have a clear answer.
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  • The next time some free-market fundamentalist slams ' Green New Deal plan to reduce the power of corporate-run utilities, please just show them this πŸ‘‡
  • This episode of the new Paul Rudd Netflix show is gonna rule
  • Things musta taken a dark turn for Harry Potter
  • Here's an image that terrifies billionaires
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    My favorite example of this is how in Congress the word “purist” is an insult, and never used for free market fetishists or industry lifers. Only the left. If you compromise, you get promoted, maybe make it to leadership. If you refuse to compromise, you’re a purist asshole.
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    Yes. Thanks for asking
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    This is as powerful an endorsement video as I have seen
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    Thank you, and for helping to keep this movement going.
  • The best app on my phone πŸ‘‡πŸ»
  • Tonight I am grateful — grateful to the staff and volunteers who organized today’s rally, grateful to for her leadership, grateful to everyone who came out to the rally, and grateful to for continuing to battle for a better future for all of us. Onward.
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    My most striking takeaway from working in the DC policy world was much the same: there’s tremendous pressure to sell out & write it off as the necessary cost of doing business. Bernie is one of the few veterans of that place who has refused to do so. It’s why we must elect him.
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    Replying to   and 
    Thanks brother! Here's the OG Bernie Sanders crew back in the day that you sent me a while ago. It's time to party like it's 1999!