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Was there an alternative to Stalinism?

By Vadim Z. Rogovin
Traces the opposition of inner-party groups to the Stalinist bureaucracy, of which the most principled and extensive was the Left Opposition led by Leon Trotsky. BUY NOW
$9.99–$39.95 Now $5.00–$19.98

What accounts for the return of fascism in Germany, 75 years after Hitler's defeat?

Why Are They Back?
Historical Falsification, Political Conspiracy, and the Return of Fascism in Germany

By Christoph Vandreier
The rise of the neo-Nazi right and German militarism have been promoted by high level political operatives, the media, and right-wing academics, in the face of overwhelming opposition by students and workersBUY NOW
$6.99–$16.95 Now $3.50–$8.48

How was the assassination of Leon Trotsky in 1940 prepared?

Agents: The FBI and GPU Infiltration of the Trotskyist Movement
By Eric London
The story of how the Stalinist secret police and the American FBI infiltrated the Trotskyist movement, assassinated Leon Trotsky, and prepared the jailing of Socialist Workers Party leaders during World War II. BUY NOW
 $6.99–$16.95 Now $3.50–$8.48

How was Trotsky’s revolutionary legacy taken forward?

The Heritage We Defend: A Contribution to the History of the Fourth International
By David North
Through what struggles did the Fourth International pass in the tumultuous twentieth century, to defend the heritage of the 1917 Russian Revolution?
 $9.99–$49.95 Now $5.00–$24.98

Why Study the Russian Revolution? Centennial Lectures of the International Committee of the Fourth International - 2017

Volume I – The February Revolution and the Development of Bolshevik Strategy
Volume II – Toward Workers’ Power and World Socialist Revolution

Nine original lectures by leading ICFI members and World Socialist Web Site writers, now available in a single volume.
$9.99–$34.95 Now $5.00–$17.48
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