Saturday, December 21, 2019

Some Tweets from Sarah Aballah

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    Your drone strikes killed 90% civilians. Save us your empty lecture on “humanity” and “compassion”.
  • Evo Morales: - Cut ties with Israel over its genocide in Gaza - Declared Israel a “terrorist state” - Banned Israelis from entering Bolivia without a visa Coup regime: - Restored ties with Israel - Invited Israel into to repress Evo supporters A coup for Israel indeed.
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    Obama dropped 19,800 bombs on Syria, but "he didn't invade". Obama spent $2Billion arming and funding terrorists in Syria, but "he didn't invade". The majority of "Syrian rebels" were in fact foreign-fighters, predominately Chechen, Saudi and Iraqi, but it was a "Civil War"...
  • In and , Christmas is a national holiday celebrated by every segment of society regardless of faith. Meanwhile, Israel, the so-called “only democracy in the Middle East”, has banned Palestinian Christians from visiting Bethlehem and Jerusalem for Christmas.
  • So let me get this straight... Footage of the 1st “suicide attempt” by Jeffrey Epstein, an Israeli intelligence asset who was running a global sex blackmail ring, and who knew the dirty secrets of numerous US and UK elites... Has magically gone missing? How mighty convenient.
  • You’re the same serial regime changer who played a key role in overthrowing and destabilizing democratically elected governments in Honduras, , Venezuela, Paraguay and Ukraine. Save us the grandstanding for once.
  • Bush invaded on a lie, killing over a million human beings. Obama invaded and on lies, displacing and murdering millions more. And they both spied on US citizens and armed terrorists with US taxpayer money. Yet nobody moved to impeach them. Funny. 🤷🏻♀
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    Weird how a comedian in his garage got this right but got it consistently wrong, lied about it & even smeared me as a conspiracy theorist People at CNN like lied about this & me, cuz they’re not news reporters but paid war propagandists .
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    The Afghanistan Papers published by WashPost revealed that Bush, Obama & all of Congress lied to public on Afghanistan, the longest war in U.S. history that cost thousands of lives of U.S. working class that fights these wars & lives of over 150k Afghans. But back to impeachment!
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    My interview with is already up. I think it's one of the most interesting interviews I have done. We talked about a wide-range of subjects, from the situation in Bolivia to global politics. You can watch it here:
  • And we said so every single time - that these “chemical weapons attacks” were false flags perpetrated by terrorists to justify the US-led bombing of - but mainstream media called us conspiracy theorists 🤷🏻♀
  • Julian Assange is dying in prison for the “crime” of merely doing journalism, while war criminals like Bush, Tony Blair, Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc., who murdered millions of human beings in illegal wars, walk free and are praised as paragons of morality.
  • Do you mean women like these two? Madeleine Albright: • Ravaged Yugoslavia • Said it was “worth it” to starve 500,000 children to death in . Hillary Clinton: • Helped destroy Honduras, Haiti, Libya, , Yemen and Ukraine.
  • It’s 👏🏻 all 👏🏻 about 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 lithium 👏🏻 Evo Morales explains why he’s convinced the US-backed coup in is a coup d’état for lithium first and foremost, and then a coup against him and his revolutionary economic policies.
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    Assad believes the US may have tens of thousands of troops in , most of them hired mercenaries from groups like Blackwater.
  • You mean a long history of US-backed coups and wars: - Bolivia 1952, 1964, 1971, 2019 - Guatemala 1954 - Cuba 1961 - Brazil 1964, 2016 - Chile 1973 - Argentina 1976 - Nicaragua 1979, 2018 - El Salvador 1979 - Honduras 2009 - Paraguay 2012 - Venezuela 2002, 2018 - And many others
  • Evo Morales explains why he was toppled in a US-backed military coup. His “crimes”: - being indigenous; - reducing extreme poverty; - nationalizing ’s resources; - kicking out transnational corporations; - and, most importantly, moving towards nationalizing the lithium.
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    My one-hour, wide-ranging interview with former Bolivian President Evo Morales - covering Boliva, regional and international politics - is now up at . He was one of the most thoughtful and compelling people I’ve interviewed. Full video here:
  • Ron Paul: They lied to us about Assad gassing his own people.
  • Everyday new proofs emerge about how they suppressed evidence that confirms US-backed terrorists staged the Douma gas attack, for which Assad was blamed to justify bombing . But where is Western media? Nowhere to be found, since these revelations totally destroy their lies
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    So my scepticism about the alleged gas attack by Assad's forces has been vindicated. Yet I was pilloried when I questioned the previous Prime Minister using it as a justification to launch military airstrikes in Syria.
  • They lied about They lied about They’re lying about
  • Again. They lied to us about the 2018 alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma so they could bomb . Just as they lied about “massacres” in so they could overthrow and kill Gaddafi. And just as they lied about WMDs so they could invade
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    STAND BY: Release in an hour of more internal OPCW leaked files documenting concerns of up to 20 on-site inspectors with doctored version of Douma chemical weapons report