Thursday, December 19, 2019

How the WSWS exposed the NY Times' 1619 Project

Here's how the World Socialist Web Site took on the most powerful newspaper in America (and why we need your financial support).

When the New York Times published the 1619 Project in August, the WSWS identified the initiative as a Democratic Party-led attempt to falsify history and divide the working class along racial lines.

Despite the Times' superior resources, the WSWS launched a counter-offensive to expose the Times' lies.

The WSWS published our first article on September 6. In the weeks that followed, we interviewed leading US historians who debunked the 1619 Project, including James McPhersonVictoria BynumGordon Wood and James Oakes. We organized a national lecture series in almost every region of the US and featured lectures by WSWS writers Tom MackamanEric London and me, Joseph Kishore, at the University of Michigan.

Project 1619 creator Nikole Hannah-Jones responded by slandering the WSWS as "white men" who are "anti-Black."
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The WSWS then exposed the far right-wing implications of her racialist outlook when she told an audience at NYU that there is no danger of fascism in Germany today "because there's really no Jewish people left in Germany." When Hannah-Jones denied having said this, the WSWS published audio proof.

When Hannah-Jones spoke at an event sponsored by Shell Oil Company, we exposed that she was helping the corporation cover for its decades of crimes and violence against the people of oil-rich Nigeria. Even our political opponents like the Wall Street Journal acknowledge that the WSWS was the only organization to expose the historical facts behind the Times' lies.

The WSWS has much more to say on this matter.

But our counter-offensive costs money and resources. That's why we are asking you for financial support.

In this campaign for historical truth, we are fighting the Democratic Party, the New York Times and the class of financial aristocrats who view dividing the working class as fundamental to the defense of the capitalist system. They can afford to distribute the 1619 Project to public schools across America to poison the minds of children and teachers. They can afford to travel the world peddling their lies.

To fight back, we need you to contribute as generously as you can. We have poured hundreds of man-hours into our campaign, paid for travel costs, printing costs and many other expenses. To continue this fight against the powerful and well-funded, we need your support. 
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Thank you, your support makes this critical work possible.

Joseph Kishore
SEP National Secretary
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