Saturday, December 21, 2019

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

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    30 years ago, the U.S. invasion of Panama, a massacre that caused the death of hundred Panamanians and left irremediable injuries to this sister nation. We remember this tragedy as a sad event of history that will never be repeated. Long Live Panama!
  • Gorbachev was a chump when he believed promises that the U.S. wouldn't expand NATO. He bares some of the blame for this situation.
  • Just in case you missed my latest convo on you can listen here.
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    Great to talk with you, Margaret!
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    The Government today admits Sacoolas had no immunity, on precise grounds I was shouting till blue in the face from day 1. Raab lied, deliberately, to get her out of the country. Then they covered up the lie till after the General Election.
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    This week we finally impeached a president over his conduct of foreign policy (never happened before in US history) but it was because he temporarily withheld some weapons, not because he illegally used said weapons to kill people. Great stuff
  • Chill out everyone. Just chill.
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    WAPO, NYT, WSJ, & the LA Times are all part of the propaganda machine that the ruling class rely on to brainwash us.
  • It was good to join and on today. We talked about impeachment and the 2020 election.
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    What Hope Does Impeachment Give Democrats? w/
  • Watch dems debate or Vladimir Putin’s annual press conference? I’m going with Vladimir. Yeah. I said it.
  • Pelosi claims she wants to negotiate terms of a senate trial. McConnell says he doesn’t want a trial anyway and she can keep her articles of impeachment. Dems pretend to oppose Trump but give him everything he wanted, republicans keep Biden’s name out of it. The art of the deal.
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    VICTORY!! After a 10-year historic struggle against unprecedented IRS harassment, we’ve won!!! The IRS finally conceded and reinstated 's tax-exempt status!! Vindication that we were right to support , the people of and the world's disenfranchised!
  • NYTimes once again chooses anti-Russian propaganda instead of good reporting re:Ukraine. This is a long thread worth reading. Take the time.
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    provides us with a cautionary tale. will be cheated out of the Democratic Party nomination not just because super delegates will vote against him. By
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    Joanne, a Christian, is trying to gather "more support from people of faith" for : "Christianity is radical, that's its true heart." & "speak truth to power" & his extradition would set "a very dangerous precedent", she said.
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    Star Wars sounds suspiciously like “start wars” don’t you think? It’s an op.
  • Rump regional party? They won Wisconsin, which is about to purge 200,000 votes. If Trump wins again this stupidity will be the reason why.
  • Does Adam Schiff know that Reagan and Gorbachev signed arms control agreements which significantly reduced nuclear stock piles? Having said that, I’m glad he confirmed that today’s democrats are yesterday’s republicans.
  • Another reason to ignore the impeachment tomfoolery.
  • Did Hillary Clinton have anything to say about the possible purge of 200,000 voters in Wisconsin? I hope so. I would hate to think that all she can do is make fun of free college with her sidekick Howard Stern.
  • No one who supported Trump in 2016 will change their minds because of impeachment.
  • Did you sneer at the idea of a Space Force? Well the democrats gave it to Trump, along with all the military spending he wanted. Why give him that if he’s a Russian asset traitor? Impeachment is theater for the rubes. Don’t be a rube.
  • It worked against Corbyn. Now they’re coming for Bernie Sanders.
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    Horrific scenes in Moscow*, today, as police beat, apparently peaceful, protestors with their batons. EU governments will be sure to call out the Russians for this sort of human rights abuse. *only kidding, it’s Paris.
  • Thanks to for linking to my latest column, “Propaganda and the Defeat of Jeremy Corbyn.” It’s a good read if I do say so myself.
  • Propaganda works. That’s why they use it. It certainly worked against Jeremy Corbyn. This is the topic of my latest Black Agenda Report column.
  • In commemorating the Malmedy massacre, which took place during the Battle of the Bulge, the U.S. Dept of Defense used a picture of the Nazi war criminal who carried out the killings. I’m not surprised that the U.S. military has so many Nazi fanboys.
  • And I wrote this before I knew about Trump’s letter to Pelosi.
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    This goofy ass Trump letter is gonna get more outraged coverage than the bombshell report on the entire Afghanistan war being a lie and frankly idk if I can handle that right now