Saturday, December 21, 2019

Some Tweets from Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

  • Enjoyed being with you, Michael
  • Looking forward to speaking in LA this Monday, Dec 23rd, about A SEASON OF HOPE: Giving Birth to a New America at the Saban Theatre, 7:30PM PT. The live event is free and everyone is welcome. A Livestream is also be available. Details on both here:
  • US should be leading the way in forging a path of peace creation, declaring that by the end of the 21st century humanity will have a reasonable prospect of a world without war. We begin with massive realignment of resources in the direction of peace building plus a peace academy.
  • What is the point of women gaining power if we’re not going to use it to change the conversation? More women and children died in wars in the 20th century than did military combatants. We have to do more than fight wars. We have to create peace.
  • Defense contractors must have debate-watch parties, toasting tinkling Champaign glasses & giggling “Te hee the hee let them have their little game.” This is more than takeover by billionaires or even corporations in general. This is the solidification of a perpetual war machine.
  • As horrible as conditions of immigrant children are at border, our silence about equally outrageous conditions of millions of children in rural & inner-city neighborhoods all over America is shocking to me. Hunger, poverty, gun violence, despair are traumatizing too.
  • One question about Israel & one about China, nothing about creation of new branch of military (“Oh, that...”)or any overall questioning of US militarism. Even progressives now stuck inside a box, never questioning warmongers or military-industrial-complex.
  • The political task of our generation is to close the gap between the dignity & decency of the American people & the cravenness & corruption of the US government. We can only do it if we get the $ out of politics; it will take a constitutional amendment to override Citizens United
  • The most neglected population in America is millions of our children...
  • I miss you too
  • Like a boss...
  • I'm returning to Los Angeles on Monday, December 23, and will be speaking about A SEASON OF HOPE: Giving Birth to a New America at the Saban Theatre, 7:30PM PT. The live event is free. A Livestream will also be available. Details on both here:
  • If I were a member of the House of Representatives yesterday, would I have voted yes to impeach the president? Yes. But I would not have done so with any sense that that’s going to solve the deeper problem. The…
  • For every problem, America has the people who know what to do & the genius with which to do it. We need to face the uncomfortable fact that govt has become the biggest obstruction to solving our problems because they’re funded by those who create them. We & we alone can fix that.
  • Moral leadership the most important thing needed today. It’s not just that we’re having a national nightmare; it’s a problem that we fell asleep to begin with & seem scared to wake up. But the only danger lies in refusing to awaken. The next president should be a moral awakener.
  • We could solve our material problems; lack of ability to do that’s not the problem. The deepest problem is erosion of our values, a complacency with which we face things as morally horrifying as endless wars, unnecessary suffering & continuation of destruction to people & planet.
  • The mindset that created the world as it is takes umbrage at the introduction of a mindset that would create something different. Do. Not. Go. Along.
  • Transformation requires internal as well as external change. There’s a deep emotional component to processing the crisis we’re in & transitioning to a place where we’re capable of creating something different. These times require a president who knows how to navigate both worlds.
  • On the other side of this crisis lies the possibility of the most extraordinary chapter in our history - but only if we’re willing to be honest about where we are. Being totally willing to recognize the place we’re in now is prerequisite to creating the world that we prefer.
  • America is like frogs in hot water, dangerously desensitized to the increasing heat. From encroaching environmental destruction to a rise of authoritarian leaders in places where this “isn’t supposed to happen,” it’s important to admit to ourselves that this is a time of crisis.
  • US govt was highjacked by a soulless economic system that puts corporate profits before human & planetary well being. We need to put our govt back into alignment with democratic & humanitarian values. It’s not just a political course-correction; it’s emotional & psychological too
  • The “Militarist Delusion” - as usual, Robert Koehler hits the nail on the head.
  • We need a Department of Peace to promote and co-ordinate the peace builders domestically and internationally. We need to wage peace at home and abroad.
  • Our environmental policies violent toward the earth. Our foreign policies violent toward Yemen etc. Our economic policies violent toward the poor. Our criminal justice system in many ways as violent as the violent offenders it seeks to punish. And our hearts are too often violent