Saturday, December 21, 2019

Some Tweets from Julian Castro

Julian Castro is seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

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    I feel tremendously blessed with the opportunities I’ve had in life. I want to make sure every American has those opportunities—regardless of their neighborhood, background, or income.
  • We must reject this bigotry and root out white supremacist extremism that’s on the rise across the country.
  • My thoughts are with Las Vegas and those affected by the worst residential fire in the city’s history. Everyone should have access to safe housing—without relying on a stove to heat their home.
  • Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy is forcing families into camps at our border—leaving them vulnerable to kidnapping, extortion, and even murder. I’ll end this policy on day one, and restore our commitment to asylum seekers.
  • Deportation should not be a political weapon. This is exactly why I’ve called for independent immigration courts and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. We can chose common sense and compassion over cruelty.
  • Dreamers are Americans. Period. Trump is working to deport these young people despite promising to protect them, and before the Supreme Court rules. This monstrous action cannot move forward. DACA must be preserved until real immigration reform is done.
  • The murders of Black trans women is a national crisis that demands justice. My condolences to Yahira Nesby’s family and friends. Everyone person deserves to be safe and free from fear.
  • Thank you for the warm welcome, Seattle! Everyday more people finding our campaign, and seeing we’ve been marching to the beat of our own drum. With your support, we can build an America where everyone counts.
  • Far too often, families of the victims of police violence never get the justice they deserve. This is a major step to deliver that justice for the Jefferson family. We must break down barriers to justice and prevent these tragic crimes in the first place.
  • The immigrant's American dream story isn't a sprint, or a marathon—but a relay passed from generation to generation. The struggles will continue. But as we work to build an America where everyone counts, we can ease those struggles for the ones that follow us.
  • Farmworkers of all backgrounds still face serious challenges—entrenched poverty, poor housing, and a lack of basic amenities like electricity and plumbing. I'm proud to put forward the first plan to expand fundamental rights to farmworkers and invest in their communities.
  • The Mexican American experience has been tremendously complex, and not without setbacks. When my grandmother arrived to the U.S. as a child, signs like these that read “No Dogs, No Negroes, No Mexicans” were still prominent—even in Texas.
  • The Sea Mar Museum of Chicano/Latino Culture is the 1st museum in the Pacific Northwest to highlight the Mexican American experience—including those who came to the US as farmworkers. My tour this morning was a poignant reminder that many of these struggles continue today.
  • There's a rental affordability crisis in this country, and homelessness is on the rise across the U.S. Yet, there wasn't a single question about housing at last night's . Our nominee must be ready to address this issue in day one.
  • Billionaire wine cave owners don’t need defenders in Washington, but the thousands of farmworkers who pick their grapes do. I’m fighting for the most vulnerable Americans, on and off the debate stage.
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    . is starting his Seattle trip by reading to a group of 4-5 year olds at . El Centro de La Raza is a pillar in the Seattle community, and has led for years on racial integration and uplifting vulnerable communities.
  • I’m grateful to start my day in Seattle reading "Things You Never Knew About Santa Claus" to children in the José Martí Child Development Center. We were all surprised to learn that Santa’s favorite snack is cold pizza.
  • Thank you for the warm welcome, Seattle! Join me at our events throughout the day: 📍 Tour of Sea Mar Museum of Chicano/Latino Culture - 📍 Signature Gathering w/ State Rep. - 📍 House Party -
  • As a father, is an inspiration — using his platform to make the world a safer and better place. His unconditional love for Zion will give other parents the courage to love and respect their children for who they truly are.
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    LIVE: is joining MSNBC’s in a few minutes to discuss the and the issues that were missing from tonight’s debate. Tune in!
  • While “wine caves” got a lot of attention at tonight’s , the thousands of California farmworkers who work at vineyards did not. I'll be a president who fights for those left behind by our politics—not wealthy donors.
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    For all the up-late (or actually early) crew: I'll be hosting an hour of Dem debate reax at 1am on -- and I'll talk with one of the candidates who was missing from the stage tonight: -- see you then!
  • We may not have been on stage for tonight's , but we've shaped the debate on many of the issues debated and left unaddressed. If you believe in an America where everyone counts, contribute now to help us reach our $100K Debate Day Challenge:
  • NEW debate night merch! Here's hoping folks can tell and I apart! Buy your shirt today and help us defeat evil (and reach our $100k debate day goal) ⏩
  • How in the world did we just have a presidential debate in Los Angeles—the epicenter of a national housing and homelessness crisis—without a single question about housing opportunity? Check out my plan to end homelessness at
  • We have a housing crisis in California and across our country. I have a plan to build millions more affordable housing units, tackle inequities in housing, and end homelessness by 2028. My plan:
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    We need a health care system that addresses skyrocketing prescription drug costs. 's plan would empower Medicare to negotiate drug prices, reform property laws, and allow the US to import drugs from other countries.
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    Fun fact: was the first candidate in *presidential debate history* to discuss his support for the transgender community
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    So many questions tonight would benefit from 's voice on the stage.
  • My plan includes fully funding IDEA, expanding SSI and SSDI benefits, ensuring sufficient stock of accessible housing units, and expanding Medicare for long-term services. People with disabilities deserve full equality - and a president who will prioritize disability issues.
  • As president, I’ll fight to empower and improve the lives of individuals with disabilities—in housing, jobs, education, accessibility, and elsewhere. I'll make sure there are no second-class citizens in this country. My plan:
  • Read my plan:
  • I've called for tuition-free universities, community colleges, job training programs, as well as large-scale debt relief for those who've graduated. As president, I would tackle student loan debt and ensure a smarter nation for the years ahead.
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    Sec. has an education plan that supports students & teachers from pre-K through college. Universal pre-K, higher pay for teachers, tuition free college--these are the big ideas we need to overhaul our commitment to education.