Saturday, October 06, 2018

Ajamu Baraka 'There is a march and rally on the pentagon October 20 and 21st'

[Here for information on the march and rally.]

  • Are folks aware that the Nobel Peace Prize awardees work against sexual violence within context of war & that war is the ultimate expression of violence sexual? Are folks aware that there is a march and rally on the pentagon October 20 and 21st? See the connection?
  • There are people who call themselves revolutionary who are not serious. Like democrats they are crying about Supreme court and don't seem to understand that radical change will come within next 30 years. Why in 30 years? The fragility of Western capitalist/imperial rule.
  • If Trump and the GOP pivot to the economy over next few weeks and because the democrats are offering nothing more than anti-Trumpism, we may see another interesting anomaly, expansion of the GOP in the mid-term election. The democrats learned nothing from 2016.
  • We have to be clear and sober when attempting to make sense of geopolitical events in the world. Romanticism is a luxury the "people cannot afford. Read my latest on how I see the dispensation of forces in Syria and the real interests at play.
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    Say NO to the New Scramble for Africa... Say NO to by signing our petition demanding an end to the U.S. occupation of Africa.
  • From Syria to AFRICOM, rebuilding an authentic Black anti-imperialist movement. No half steps here, no collaboration with warmongering democrats just unapologetic Black internationalism in the struggle for global liberation.
  • The interests of the "people" and the interests of national state elites are not the same. Non-intervention, the peaceful resolution of conflicts and upholding human rights are principles that the people must demand and be prepared to fight for.
  • Black Alliance for Peace launched our "U.S. out of Africa: Shut Down AFRICOM" campaign as part of campaign to close U.S. foreign military bases & opposed U.S. militarism in U.S. It is also part of the "Anti-war Autumn" actions to make war a campaign issue.
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    BAP members are building our capacity for liberation, Maduro and Diaz-Canel visited the United States, and the Koreas are determining their own path. Read more in our latest update 👉🏿
  • I believe Ford, but I also believed Paula Jones & especially Juanita Broaddrick. If you are too young to remember these cases or don't know about them ask one of your older democrat party activists. I am not impressed with the moral outraged of hypocritical liberal democrats.
  • Someone please explain why not only does both parties support the ongoing occupation and systematic brutality of the Israeli apartheid state but then even their representatives are seen as enemies? Let's see how many democrats condemn this:
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    We're launching our campaign on October 1, the 10th anniversary of AFRICOM. Find out more 👇🏿