Thursday, October 04, 2018

I stand with Max

Max Blumenthal's been under attack from hacks like Shane Baeur.  I didn't know.  I'm focused on Iraq.  If Max needs to be called out, I'll do so (I believe I did in 2008).  The same with his father (who I've been kind to here and who I've called out when needed).  I know Max's father and have for many years.  Though that would probably make me want to defend Max anyway, I also think Max does important work.  Shane -- a joke -- is not calling Max out, he's smearing him.  I stand with  Max.  Sorry this hasn't been said sooner.  Repeating, I stand with Max.

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    Today I spoke to a longtime friend of Guardian “reporter” Carl David Goette-Luciak who worked with him in Nicaragua. He told me what it was like “inhabiting the role of a foreign agent of imperialism” and slammed the ’s “conflict of interest”
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    A friend of the deported Guardian contributor who was doing PR for Nicaragua's right-wing opposition said they were assisting anti-Sandinista opposition groups and there was “a straightforward conflict of interest involved in what we were doing”
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    “In the 6 months we lived and worked together in Nicaragua we were both very open about our plan to use our friendships with Nicaraguan opposition figures to push for the end of the Sandinista government & create careers for ourselves as journalists or consultants in the process”
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    As an member, I think the actions of Michelle Stanistreet and some Guardian journalists against are completely and utterly despicable. You don't even challenge any of 's reporting, yet assert without evidence it's "unsubstantiated"?!
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    Buzzfeed, Cohen wrongly accuse Canary of harassment – but don’t withdraw, leading to… harassment
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    Wyatt Reed: “It makes it clear that [publications like the ] are not interested in getting to the truth but in replicating a narrative that, if history is any guide, they’ve already performed in numerous cases in Latin America.”
  7. "This is a seismic shift, with journalists policing the new 'groupthink', as Parry called it, dispensing its myths and distractions, pursuing its enemies."
  8. A stomach churning report from one of the few places on Earth where John Bolton could get an enthusiastic standing ovation
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    “We were not CIA—but we were in many ways serving its same historical purpose.”
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    Buzzfeed’s couldn’t dispute my factual reporting about Carl David Goette-Luciak, so he ran a poorly done hit piece equating my journalism with “doxxing.” Today, Buzzfeed completely walked back the innuendo that formed the basis of its attack.
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    I joined on her excellent show to talk about arrest of 4 neo-Nazis linked to violence in Charlottesville. They're members of RAM, which has several current & former troops in its ranks; 1 of the arrestees was a Northrop engineer
  12. This should be a much more serious scandal than it currently is.
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    Replying to 
    where's the lie Shane
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    While everyone talks about Amazon's $15 minimum wage, keep in mind Jeff Bezos HIMSELF could end homelessness in the US for the next 36 years. But he never would.
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    For those who’ve been smearing & accusing him of endangering a Western journo in Nicaragua, pls read letter from the guy’s friend/colleague. cc . I can’t tag Guardian writer because they cowardly hid name(s) so I’ll cc editor
  16. Wyatt Reed, friend & colleague of Carl David Goette-Luciak, sent this damning letter to the Guardian. They refused to publish it just as they refused to link to my article because it exposes their “reporter’s” conflicts of interest & their own malpractice.
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    When I went to my first Applied Anthropology conference as an anthro student in 2007, it had a heavy gov’t & military presence; they ran several panels trying to recruit us to do “applied anthropology” for US intelligence & special operations in Iraq, Latin America, etc.
  18. Solidarity between American regime change activists posing as journalists: Michael Weiss (L) Carl David Goette-Luciak (R)
  19. Goette-Luciak had been exposed in Nicaragua for his work with the opposition, and would have been sent home (not detained) whether or not I wrote anything. It was who helped get Iranian dissident Siamak Namazi jailed & he's still in prison.
  20. Speaking of and coordination, it would be interesting to learn more about his allegedly "improper relationship" with international con artist Bill Browder at the time that Weiss was pumping out propaganda for Browder at CNN.
  21. While fever-brained neocon operative might know a thing or two about coordinating with governments, I can do research on my own and wouldn't even know who to ask in the Nicaraguan govt for background on an opposition publicist who'd already been widely exposed.
  22. In characteristic hack fashion, you omitted the fact that your site has retracted its innuendo against me and , which undermines the entire basis for the NUJ caving to pressure from the Guardian. Wow!
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    This is the reality of the Westminster media bubble. They consider themselves gatekeepers of truth. And any person or organisation that challenges their narratives is in the crosshairs.
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    The irony here, is that those claiming we are an 'online mob' threatening a journalist were the ones actually doing so. They mobbed Max and they mobbed us and anyone defending us.
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    ATTENTION: Yesterday, Buzzfeed and a host of other journalists claimed we 'endangered a journalist' by publishing this piece by . Less than 24hrs later, Buzzfeed have been forced to retract this accusation.
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    Buzzfeed recants yet another smear. Should stick with its bread-and-butter "Russian disinformation!" xenophobia—much safer to print lies about villainous Russians than about American journalists who upset their cliquey DC sources
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    I did a piece on Nicaragua that people might want to compare and contrast with the Guardian article
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    The Guardian - which has helped push the anti-Sandinista "reporter's" propaganda - comes back at Max with an extremely petty insult after he showed they were publishing this credential-less opposition mouthpiece
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    Once again, no one addressed the FACTS that reported—because they can't be disputed; they're undeniable facts This is a cynical smear campaign trying to blame Max for reporting on how Goette-Luciak is an activist doing PR for the opposition