Thursday, October 04, 2018

Concern of Possible Election Fraud in Brazil, Prince Alerts to Lack of Transparency

From Diaz Consulting Group, Inc.:

Concern of Possible Election Fraud in Brazil, Prince Alerts to Lack of Transparency

MIAMI, Fla., October 3, 2018 ( - With the Brazilian elections fast approaching and possible electoral fraud to assure Brazilian Presidential front-runner Jair Bolsonaro does not win the presidency, Brazilian Prince calls out to citizens of Brazil and of the free nations of the world to monitor this month's elections in Brazil.
“Electoral fraud in Brazil has become a reality since the 2014 elections when popular perceptions that the digital system was flawed. The electoral system in Brazil is 100% electronic and 100% centrally controlled. The president of the electoral agency is appointed from the Supreme Court which in turn is appointed by the president. This nomination process coupled with the absence of checks and balances on the electoral agency yields little transparency to the counting process and lends the agency to partisan politics,” said Luiz Philippe de Orléans e Bragança, an heir to Brazil’s last emperor. “The digital system was developed by a Venezuelan company called Smartmatic and has been judged flawed by all free nations for not allowing citizens to audit results. Only Cuba, Venezuela, and Brazil maintain them.”
Brazil’s general elections are scheduled for October 7, 2018, where Brazilians will vote to elect the President, Vice President, National Congress along with state officials. The Trump administration has yet to comment on this matter.

Well include Glenn Greenwald's Tweet:

  1. In the new results from one of the most credible polls: nothing but good news for Bolsonaro, as his support - and lead - continues to grow, and Brazil begins to grapple with what was, until very recently, the unthinkable: President Bolsonaro, way closer to Duterte/Sisi than Trump