Saturday, October 06, 2018

Look who's day old news


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A late breaking and behind the times piece from Florian Neuhof who apparently landed at THE DAILY BEAST only after The Psychic Network shut down.

ISIS might come back in Iraq?

It never left.  A premise we've argued since the idiot Hayder al-Abadi (celebrated by THE WASHINGTON POST for being a do-something when, in fact, he was a do-nothing) claimed to have vanquished them last December.

It's a fact.  And now it's a fact that everyone has reported -- including PBS' THE NEWSHOUR in a multi-part story.

All these months later, enter Florian!

Somebody pull Fred Foy out of the grave to announce, "A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty, 'Hi Yo Silver!' It's The Late Ranger!"

ISIS in Iraq never left.  ISIS in Syria?  Maybe it'll leave when the US stops funding it?  History will grapped with that one.  It's probably dry the sheen Barack faster than anything -- he pretended to fight them in Iraq while funding them in Syria.

So much b.s. slinging around, it's good to see Annie Shields call some of it out.

  1. I've made a lot of mistakes... but I've never helped start a pointless war in Iraq.

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