Saturday, October 06, 2018

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

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    Not on mainstream media: Nearly two years after Syria’s Aleppo was liberated from Al-Qaeda terrorist occupation, young Syrians come together to restore beauty to their ancient city by repainting its streets.
  • As Obama’s Vice President, you enabled and fully backed the tyrants in Saudi Arabia and the UAE as they bombed and starved millions in Yemen, and you sent billions in arms to jihadist thugs destroying Syria. You don’t have any moral superiority.
  • Rather rich coming from the woman who empowered jihadists that paraded women around cities and villages in cages and sold young girls into sex slavery in Syria and Libya.
  • Says the woman who destroyed Libya and handed it over to slave-selling jihadists, paving the way for a global refugee crisis and ruining millions of families’ lives forever.
  • Young men and women in Syria’s liberated Aleppo literally work day and night to restore the war-torn ancient city to its former state. A continuing triumph over jihadist terrorism that mainstream media refuses to cover.
  • Not to mention while the British government does billions of dollars in arms deals with Saudi Arabia and helps this barbaric regime bomb and starve millions of men, women and children in Yemen. Faux humanitarianism.
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    What countries in the EU have NOT turned a blind eye to the Genocide in ? History will dam the European supporters of the Arms Industry for their complicity in war crimes in Yemen - the ghost of hasn't gone away you know....
  • The US, UK and France constantly threaten Syria because they’re so seemingly “concerned” for civilian lives, yet these very same powers are arming and enabling Saudi Arabia in its genocidal onslaught against Yemen.
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    There's a very disturbing trend where people will only speak up when "their team" isn't in power. Once "their team" is in power, every encroachment against liberty is met with silence. SPEAK UP! ... NO MATTER WHAT! Your "team" cannot save you when your Liberty is gone.
  • The media continues to treat Hillary Clinton like this trailblazing feminist icon as if the polices she pursued when she was Secretary of State and a Senator didn’t destroy the lives of millions of women in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Honduras, Haiti and beyond.
  • There’s a child dying in Yemen every ten minutes because of the US-Saudi bombing and siege. And not so much as a squeak from all those so-called humanitarian heroes who claim to care so much about civilians in Syria’s Al-Qaeda-occupied Idlib.
  • A beautiful story nowhere to be found on CNN or the BBC: Syrian children are returning to school for the first time in 5 years after their town in Syria’s Idlib was liberated from the clutches of Al-Qaeda jihadists.
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    "Washington’s record in the Middle East is catastrophic. It is time to bring home America’s troops."
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    The way Julian Assange's voice has been summarily disappeared - no internet access, very restricted visitors, a complete inability to communicate with the world since March - has been chillingly effective. You don't have to like someone to find their treatment troubling.
  • Did she also share memories of all the 500,000 kids she helped sanction to death in Iraq and all the families she helped destroy in Yugoslavia?
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    This genuinely fascinates me. How can you be someone who everyone knows worked inside the US Govt when it was interfering in countless countries - indeed, when you yourself were one of the leading advocates of that - and then post something pretending you respect sovereignty??
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    Samantha Power, who helped destroy the sovereignty of Syria, Libya and Yemen. Samantha Power, who helped arm terrorists in Syria, bring slave-trading to Libya, and presided over Saudi Arabia's genocide in Yemen, thinks she has the moral-superiority to speak about "sovereignty" 😂
  • This is Syria’s Lattakia yesterday. Thousands of Syrians peacefully enjoyed a soccer match. But Nikki Haley would rather turn this into another Libya — a failed, war-torn state ruled by jihadists who enjoy selling human beings in open air slave markets. (Photos via )
  • Oh yeah. Because you and the Obama administration really respected the sovereignty of Syria, Libya, Yemen and Ukraine when you carried out one regime change operation, invasion and coup after another, arming jihadists and empowering neo-Nazis in the process.
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    Mostly the work of Putin. So yea, we’re not seeing this on MSM in 🇺🇸.
  • Syrians celebrating in the streets of Syria’s liberated Aleppo today. A beautiful sight you would have never seen under Obama and Hillary’s Al-Qaeda “rebels”.
  • Not on mainstream media: Thousands of young Syrians took to the streets of Syria’s Aleppo today to celebrate their ancient city’s liberation from terrorism and the return of peace.
  • You and the Obama administration enabled and facilitated Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war in Yemen to begin with. You’re the last person to be lecturing anyone about “concern for loss of life”.
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    Yesterday, I and a bipartisan coalition in Congress introduced a resolution to end US support for Saudi Arabia’s brutal war in Yemen. Sign on thru the link below. Thank you to and all orgs standing w/ us.