Monday, April 29, 2019

Some Tweets from Mike Prysner

  1. Most common injury for US troops is getting their genitalia blown off. Afghan civilian casualties are at an ALL TIME HIGH & US forces are directly responsible for the majority of those deaths. But super easy for politicians & lobbyists to tell everyone to keep sticking it out!🤵🏻
  2. There are only two positions: complete & immediate withdrawal or indefinite & disastrous extension, everything in between is bulls**t hot air nonsense and every candidate needs to be asked to make their position crystal clear.
  3. Ready for the 5th presidential election where everyone pretends war in Afghanistan isn’t happening & no reporter presses candidates on their non-position or how godd***n absurd it is to not back an immediate end to a blood-drenched pointless disaster only corporations benefit from
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    Corps investigating Marine for sending boot swastika photo to 'Terminal Lance' creator
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    White nationalist rally doesn’t materialize as counter-protestors fill Bluff Park
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    Replying to 
    He literally held a fundraiser with a union busting lobbyist the day he announced his campaign.
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    May Day issue!
  8. Today in Nazi America
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    Medicare For All? No thanks, I don't want to pay for other people's health care. I like private insurance, where I pay for other people's health care AND for the salaries of bloodsucking middlemen whose entire purpose is telling me No when I need medicine
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    Today groups from across Long Beach and Los Angeles came together to tell the white supremacists that hate isn’t welcome on our streets.
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    If a Nazi kills Jews and your instinct is to attack Muslims in response, the only difference between you and the Nazi is who you want to see dead.
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    Everything is bad, but I Think You Should Leave is a ridiculously good Netflix comedy show by Tim Robinson, featuring spots from the greats . Already watched twice