Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Some Tweets from Cory Booker

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    We Won't Wait.
  • San Diego, Baltimore and now Charlotte. If we're not doing everything we can to stop dangerous people from buying guns, we're not doing nearly enough.
  • Stripping asylum seekers of their right to due process is: ✅Racist ✅ Inhumane ✅Unconstitutional Take your pick. Either way, it's wrong and we need to end it.
  • I'm reintroducing the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act because it's morally wrong to extend cruelty to asylum seekers instead of refuge. Indefinite detention is an inhumane system. And it must end now.
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    I sat down with this morning to talk tacos & 2020. We’re inviting all the democratic candidates to our table so stay tuned and pray that I can still fit in my jeans when this is all over.
  • This is heartbreaking. What John Singleton did for the film canon, what he represents for Black America and what he meant to young filmmakers who came after him can't be overstated. He's a genius and a trailblazer who we won't soon forget.
  • Fue un placer hablar con y . Gracias por la oportunidad!
  • We can't say we care about gun safety reform & then ignore cities where gun violence is shattering communities daily. Baltimore experienced a mass shooting yesterday & it deserves our attention. Gun violence is a national epidemic—our outrage can't be determined by zip codes.
  • This is brilliant. Congratulations to on its launch—the power of women is unmatched and we are all indebted to them for the progress made in this country. I cannot wait to see how you transform this nation!
  • I welcome any opportunity to talk about how faith guides me, but I cannot—in good conscience—attend an event put on by an organization that preaches bigotry and sows hate against the LGBTQ community. That's why I am declining an invitation to the Family Leader's July 12 summit.
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    . y se fueron a comer unos tacos y por supuesto hablar de su aspiración de ser presidente de los Estados Unidos.
  • What greater civil right is there than access to clean air? Or clean water? Big thanks to South Carolina for hosting me last week as I rolled out the first planks of my environmental justice plan during the Justice For All tour.
  • Democracy does indeed die in the dark. Judge Damon Keith spent a lifetime bringing truth and justice to light to preserve our country. We won’t forget it. My thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.
  • This is what you call a lie.
  • Ensuring people have access to affordable housing isn’t just a smart investment in our economy—it’s the right thing to do.