Sunday, April 28, 2019

Some Tweets from Marianne Williamson

  • I’m speaking in San Jose, California today and San Diego tomorrow. Join me!
  • To say we must love each other is not to say we mustn't do anything else! It's an integrative, whole person approach to politics -- addressing both external as well as internal issues -- that will change the country and help repair the world. .
  • Winning the nomination won't be determined by someone's resume but by their ability to connect with voters. And winning the general won't be determined by political strategy alone but by raising the energy of a presidential campaign to the level of radical truth telling and love
  • The first thing I’d do as president is submit to Congress legislation to establish public funding for federal campaigns. It’s the only way to override Citizens United & even begin to disrupt the financial influence that has corrupted our government & devastated our public square.
  • Yep. And collectivizing hate can only be overridden by collectivizing love.
  • The philosophy of nonviolence – articulated by Gandhi & then MLK Jr - says purification of our hearts is essential to political change. Starting now, deepen your practice of compassion and forgiveness. Nothing less will give us the power we need to cast the danger from our midst.
  • Our current political malfunction is an outgrowth of the environment from which it emerged: a society that had put aside its heart, conscience & political principles in favor of craven economics. Only way to remove the lower manifestation is to retrieve the higher consciousness
  • Forget the political dog & pony show; it’s toxic and silly and can only produce more of the same. Enter instead what’s emerging from the American heart: the deep waters of a collective yearning to pull ourselves out of the downward spiral into which we have descended as a nation.
  • Only love has the ultimate power to triumph over hate. Only a political movement genuinely rooted in love for our country and love for one another will have the power to override the primal forces of fear that have been harnessed by this president.
  • You can’t sort of kind of decide to change your life & you can’t sort of kind of decide to change your country. If we want peace, if we want a sustainable planet & we want to fundamentally lessen unnecessary human suffering, we need to change our entire perspective on government.
  • USA need to re-purpose our economy. Auto industry workers would love being told their jobs being repurposed for developing green transportation systems, oil industry workers would love being told their jobs being repurposed for developing green energy systems & on down the line.
  • Love needs to get some spine in this country (from my interview on Pantsuit Politics)
  • Horrified by the synagogue shooting in San Diego. May all hearts be comforted. Violence against anyone due to their religion is an undermining of everything this country stands for. As Americans, and as children of God, let us rise.
  • We’re under 8,000 left to go! So we’re totally getting there. Please do everything you can to get even the smallest donations to get us onto the DNC debate stage
  • We should legalize marijuana & release nonviolent offenders who’ve been incarcerated because of it. The most dangerous drug dealers in America are legal pharmaceutical companies that knowingly overmanufacturer, falsely advertise & promote overprescription of addictive substances.