Sunday, April 28, 2019

Some Tweets from Kirsten Gillibrand

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    I’m running for president. Let’s prove that brave wins. Join me:
  • The road ahead of us is long, but it is lined with brave and powerful women fighting for the soul of our country—women like .
  • Yesterday's house party in Milford, NH was amazing! Even as voters sat silently listening to each other's questions, you could feel the buzzing energy in the room. These voters are fighting tirelessly to protect their families—and you can bet I'm fighting right alongside them.
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    It was an honor to introduce yesterday, a fighter for American families, healthcare for all and quality education. Kirsten has led the fight against sexual harassment and sexual assault in the military and on college campuses. Great event!
  • The president is a coward, a bully, and someone with over a dozen sexual assault allegations against him. My campaign is rooted in bravery, standing up for the vulnerable, and valuing women. That contrast is what this fight is about—right over wrong. And right will win.
  • Something is fundamentally broken in our society when any house of worship is made unsafe by gun violence and hate—again and again and again. I’m keeping Poway and the entire Jewish community in my prayers. More than that, I don’t accept this. We must end this epidemic.
  • How will I reunite this country as president? The same way I’ve always approached public service—with bravery and compassion.
  • At our town hall, a voter asked how I plan to close the wealth gap. Some of the ideas I shared were: • Establishing postal banking • Raising the minimum wage • Passing national paid leave • Full employment through skills training – at Keene State College Alumni Center
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    Our wonderful president, Caitlin, introducing 2020 Presidential candidate, . we’re excited to welcome the ‘all around badass’ (her words) to Nashua tonight!
  • Is there anything more American than talking about the issues that matter most over a good local brew? Thank you for having us, ! – at Liquid Therapy
  • Women belong where decisions are made. Agree? Then I’ve got a sticker for you:
  • It cannot be said enough: Your body, your choice. This is a win for reproductive rights advocates across the country, and an important reminder that we must continue the fight to protect safe, legal abortion.