Monday, April 29, 2019

Some Tweets from Save Manning

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    chelsea manning
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    hey you! you should become a patron to this super cool queer anarchafeminist community workshop we're starting in SF! :D we have classes and potlucks (this upcoming friday!) and art and 3d printers and maybe lasers!
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    a whiteboard appears! 😃
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    Using for anything sensitive is just a bad idea. So.. everyone! Stop doing it now. 🤓
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    CA records not inc. in this database, probably since CA police internal files only recently became public (& only a few categories of them, at that). is hard at work on that. Impressive work here by
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    "Not only did Americans with lower levels of income have lower levels of confidence in their ability to protect their digital , but they also expressed heightened sensitivities about a range of overlapping offline and security harms".
  8. Day 51 (April 27, 2019) of 's incarceration😢
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    At last year’s was part of an awesome keynote conversation. This year as the fest is back in Durham, is in jail bravely resisting a grand jury. Donate to her legal fees, write her a letter & check out for info! 🖤
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    "SB-1421; When Will We Get The Records?" by Tracy Rosenberg of & 's Project
  11. Day 50 (April 26, 2019) of 's incarceration😢