Sunday, February 28, 2021

Howie Hawkins on HR1 (2021)


2020 Green Party/Socialist Party Presidential Nominee Howie Hawkins discusses the campaign finance sections of House Bill 1, the omnibus voting reform bill being proposed by the Democrats. "HR1's public campaign finance system is a scam to add public campaign subsidies to all the private money that corporate major-party incumbents can raise, while making it nearly impossible for challengers, whether inside a major party or in a third party, to even qualify for public funding. Republicans won’t vote for this, but if it passes, no doubt they will be happy to get in on the scam." This clip is from Howie's February 23, 2021 livestream. View the full version at Read more of Howie's analysis of HR1: FB: Twitter: @howiehawkins20 Instagram: @howiehawkins2020