Thursday, March 04, 2021

SOUNDWAVE STUDIOS The Democratic Party's Cozy Relationship w/ Empire f/ Margaret Kimberley Left Flank Vets


The bad "Orange Man" is out of the White House and we were told that he was existential threat to democracy and a fascist in waiting. Under the current administration not much has changed. What Trump lacks in decorum Biden makes up for in a neoliberal return to the late 90's for the Democratic Party. A while back we were graced on our Saturday livestream with author and contributing editor for Black Agenda Report Margaret Kimberley. You can find her book, "Prejudential" here: You can follow Marcus on the Left Flank Vets Twitch Channel here: Thank you for taking the time to check this out. For those of you that subscribe to the channel and have become Patrons WE APPRECIATE YOU! If you haven't, please subscribe to channel so you can be notified when these videos drop and when we air a livestream. If you enjoy this content, have the means and feel so inclined to help the channel grow, BECOME A PATRON! Patrons get access to bonus content and patron only programing. Opening and closing music by Bitter Lake. You can find more Bitter Lake music here: