Friday, March 05, 2021

1+1 Episode 57 with Cindy Sheehan on covid-19 eldercide & the new age of extreme suppression 2 of 2


in this second part episode of 1+1 I was honored to be joined again by Cindy Sheehan, journalist, anti-war/anti-imperialist activist, the host of Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox, organizer and founder of March on The Pentagon and part of a campaign called Justice For Covid19 Eldercide. On this episode we discuss a campaign she's been part of called 'Justice For Covid19 Eldercide' which is a campaign for justice to thousands if not more elderly people who had been left to defend for themselves when the pandemic broke out. Some where coronavirus patients who where sent to facilities where they weren't given the proper care, others where simply elderly patients who where put into facilities with covid-19 patients and exposed to gross negligence and exposure. So Cindy is part of a campaign for justice for those victims and their families and we discussed that as well as the terrible impact austerity/lock-downs has been on people in California and elsewhere in the US. We talk also about Cuba's response to coronavirus and treatment of the elderly, and healthcare compared to the US and other Western nations, and how would Cindy approach the ongoing coronavirus as there is lots of difference of opinions in how to combat coronavirus from some who say we need lockdowns, suspension of schools, and businesses so long as universal basic income, suspension of rents/mortgages are applied, and others who think forcing kids to stay home and the extreme social isolation and social distancing is creating a huge mental health crisis and that plus the elderly forced to stay in isolating is making many die from that. So Cindy gives us her opinion how she would approach the ongoing coronavirus crisis. All of this in Part 1 and in Part 2 of our conversation Cindy and I talked about Trump's supporters storming Capitol Hill in DC, and while we don't support Trump at all, (nor are we fans of Joe Biden), didn't the Trump supporters have some legitimate grievances when they said "the election was stolen". We discuss Whitney Webb's article on her Unlimited Hangout which revealed how factions of the deep state that supported Joe Biden and neo-cons who hate Trump and Biden/Obama supporting Democrats where conspiring to try to usurp the election from Trump. Cindy and I discuss that, and how we feel the FBI/national security state allowed the storming to happen so that the incoming Biden Administration could push through "Patriot Act 2.2". From there we discuss the new age of extreme censorship and civil liberties suppression that'll happen under the Biden Administration and why those on the left shouldn't be cheering on censorship and giving more powers to Silicon Valley, the FBI and the deep state in the name of fighting "fascism" when those institutions are inherently right-wing/reactionary institutions whose entire history has been one of suppressing the left. all this and more on this edition of 1+1 if you want to know more about Justice for Covid19 eldercide check out this link if you'd like to get involved 2. please check out Cindy's incredible journalism and guests she invites on and donate generously to Cindy Sheehan at Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox at this link to also stay up to date on her blog posts past and present http://cindysheehanssoapbox.blogspot.... 3. and though Cindy says not much is happening with the "March on the Pentagon Group" due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis if you'd like to get in touch here is that link 4. the article of Whitney Webb that Cindy and I discussed is this link 5. Whitney Webb being interviewed by Graham Ellwood on the article- 4. Ms. Webb on Graham Ellwood discussing the Trump supporters storming Capitol Hill & Biden and the deep state using it to push through more censorship and suppression - 5. Ms. Webb on Slow News Day discussing the state of affairs from dodgy medical solutions to covid, to incoming censorship and more shock doctrine and civil liberties gone as well as the pseudo-left failing us & helping prop up the unjust system - 6. Ms. Webb on Slow News Day discussing the Authoritarian left, Patriot Act 2.0 and weaponization and suppression of free speech and reactionary shock doctrine policies under the guise of fighting coronavirus and how people power movements can overcome this if possible - and if you'd like to get in touch check out 1+1's facebook and twitter page and my e-mail is yourismouter@gmail