Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Fighting Harder For Neera Tanden Than For Minimum Wage W/ Briahna Joy Gray


(Full ep here Fresh off of appearing on Micael Moore's livestream, journalist, former Bernie Sanders press secretary and current co-host of Bad Faith Podcast Briahna Joy Gray & Katie were inspired to keep the convo going on an impromptu late night stream of their own. In this clip they play video of a rare moment journalistic courage and honesty, when a reporter asks Biden's press Secretary Jen Psaki why the administration is fighting harder for Neera Tanden than they are to raise the minimum wage. Katie and Brie break it down. To see the full conversation about Biden, his press secretary, what most people don't get about Democrats, as well as side parts vs. center parts, become patreon supporters here ***Please support The Katie Halper Show *** On Patreon Follow Katie on Twitter: