Sunday, January 30, 2005

Comments on Kat's Korner and a few comments from Kat herself

Shirley: Kat deserves strong praise for her work on inauguration day. I ended up buying Wilco because of her review and I haven't bought an album in years.

Krista: What I like about Kat is that she's just so real. I wish she could use whatever words she wanted because I'd really like to see her just burst forth with what's on her mind. She's like a really cool babysitter you have as a kid who knows everything about music and life.

Rod: Wilco's had many fine albums but A Ghost Is Born isn't one.

Terrance: Kat is so right! Tim Buckley's Hello and Goodbye! I never thought of that but it's the exact comparison! The perfect comparison! Kat rocks!

Name witheld by request: When I wrote to Kat, I didn't expect that my comments would be shared. I would argue that 50 people have Sheryl Crow as a result of my burning her disc. That's 50 that wouldn't have ever gotten it otherwise. Maybe they'll buy the next 1? I did not enjoy logging on Thursday and finding myself attacked for attempting to make sure everyone knows who Sheryl Crow is.

Kat responds: With mulitple Grammy wins, multiple TV appearences and countless hits, I'm finding it hard to buy the "logic" that you've gotten the word out on Crow by burning her CD for fifty people. You were asked if you could be quoted. What you're objecting to is not that you were quoted but that I slapped you on the wrist. I've kept a copy of the e-mail where you gave permission to be quoted. If my slap on the wrist offended you, you might want to consider that you're lucky it was me slapping your wrist and not some gestapo from the RIAA putting you behind bars because making fifty copies of a CD to distribute to friends is against the law. If you hadn't wanted to be quoted, you shouldn't have e-mailed back, "Yes, please quote me. And yes, you can use my first name, you can use my full name." I only used your first name because, let's stress this again, what you did was illegal.

Gina: I wish Kat did all the entries on Common Ills. She never lapses into Oprah moments.

Eli: I hope Kat's planning to write on some older albums.

Kat responds: I'm exhausted from the three entries in one day still. I do plan to review some older rock, pop and soul albums from the sixties. Please e-mail at or at if you have a favorite album Eli and I'll try to start there.

Beth: I was really never impressed with the overly hyped Wilco but I did buy A Ghost Is Born because of Kat's review and I am loving it. Thank you, Kat.

Carl: Reviews suck exactly because people try to impress with their knowledge of a quickly leanred and factually incorrect history so I say let's clone Kat and put her in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Spin, Entertainment Weekly and any where else that's running life-draining reviews!

Wendy: Glad you finally thanked Kat and think it was a huge oversight on your part that you waited so long to do so. Kat's da bomb.

Roy: I'm never going to buy any of the CDs Kat reviews but God do I love her writing. I'm really glad that she's posting at The Common Ills and I've already e-mailed The Third Estate Sunday Review to complain about the fact that today didn't run an old review by Kat.

Kat replies: Thank you Roy and everyone else for your praise. But I've only written a few reviews at this point. The Third Estate is welcome to re-run any they'd like but I'm not posting weekly and I was glad they spotlighted Rebecca and the "When NPR Fails You Who You Gonna' Call, Not the Ombudsman" this week.

Tony: I love Kat. She's my dream woman. More Kat. Daily.