Thursday, February 03, 2005

Elite Fluff Patrol does their part in this morning's New York Times

While Elite Fluff Patrol squadron leader Elisabeth Bumiller is MIA in this morning's New York Times, fellow Fluff Patrol members Richard W. Stevenson and David E. Sanger report for duty in "Bush Says a Gradual Overhaul of Social Security is Essential."

Statements like "Mr. Bush did not say how he would pay for his plan; nor did he commit himself to any particular course of cuts in the guaranteed benefit to restore the retirement system's health" might lead to an exploration of how the plan could be paid for in the hand of lesser writers, but when the Elite Fluff Patrol reports for duty, nary a harsh reality pops into view.

Read the article, if you must, only to see how bad front page reporting can be.

[Note: Elisabeth Bumiller was not MIA as I stated. She was on special assignment.]