Thursday, February 03, 2005

Democracy Now!: Phyllis Bennis addresses Bush's speech; Paul Krugman debates Eric Engen, Chertoff's confirmation hearing; and from BuzzFlash, Cindy Sh

Democracy Now! always worth watching (as Marcia says).
Headlines for February 3, 2005
- Bush Warns Syria and Iran on Terrorism
- Bush: No Timetable For Withdrawal of 150,000 Troops in Iraq
- Durbin: Can't Reward Gonzales After Abu Ghraib
- At Least 20 Die In Iraq in Bloodiest Post-Election Day
- Marine Lt. Gen. in Iraq: "[It's] Fun to Shoot Some People"
- Influential Sunni Group: The Iraq Vote Was Illegitimate
- Bush Taps Elliot Abrams to Promote Democracy
- GE Joins Halliburton In Pulling Out of Iran
- Aristide Supporters To Boycott Upcoming Haitian Elections

State of the Union 2005: Bush Pushes Aggressive Foreign Policy of "Spreading Democracy"
President Bush used his 2005 State of the Union address to reinforce his inauguration theme of spreading democracy around the world. In addition to hailing the elections in Iraq and the Palestinian Occupied Territories, Bush issued warnings to Iran and Syria. We speak with Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies.

The New Bush Agenda: A Debate on Social Security with Paul Krugman vs. the American Enterprise Institute
President Bush devoted a large portion of his State of the Union address to his push to restructure Social Security, kicking off a campaign to advocate for the privatization of the system. We host a debate with Paul Krugman of The New York Times and Eric Engen of the American Enterprise Institute. [includes rush transcript - partial]

Chertoff's Role in Aug. 2002 Torture Memo Called into Question at Confirmation Hearing
At the confirmation hearings for President Bush's Homeland Security chief nominee, Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) questioned Michael Chertoff about his role as head of the criminal division of the Justice Department in the formulation of the Aug. 2002 so-called "torture memo" that provided a very narrow definition of torture. We hear an excerpt of the hearing.

Also, thanks to Tony for e-mailing that I'd left out the link to Cindy Sheenan's BuzzFlash commentary last night. I'll fix that post tonight at home. In the meantime, here's the link:
Not Worth My Son's Sacrifice

This link should have been in last night's "Link Report":

Over at BuzzFlash, there are many wonderful things as always. We'll highlight this BuzzFlash contribution from Cindy Sheehan whose son (Spc Casey Austin Sheehan) died in Iraq. Ms. Sheehan was ready to address the issue of what Iraq's election did or didn't mean but shefound herself bumped from Larry King's CNN show last night as the focus shifted instead to the very "pressing" "news" of the Michael Jackson case:I would have asked Mr. King if he would want to sacrifice one of his children for sham elections in Iraq. Would he or George Bush send their children to be killed, or maimed for life, for a series of lies, mistakes and miscalculations? Now that every lie has been exposed to the light for the invasion and occupation of Iraq -- why are our sons and daughters still there? NOT ONE MORE DROP OF BLOOD SHOULD BE SPILLED FOR THIS PACK OF LIES.
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