Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Information Clearing House: "The Photos Tell the Story"

The photographs tell the story...
Is This Media manipulation on a grand scale?
Updated: 04/15/03

What's the story?

Information Clearing House posted the photos of the reality about the toppling of the statue of Saddam.

Again, I'll assume most of Common Ills members already know the reality about that but if you don't (or if you want to see reality again) please click on the link above.

I'll be adding the link to this morning's post but in case anyone read that entry already and means to go back to it for the link but might forget, I felt it was worthy of its own post.

When you see the wide shots of the area, as opposed to the carefully framed footage that the mainstream media ran with in this country, you realize how we were played, how we were manipulated, how (to use Dona's term) we were burned by the mainstream media.

The BBC covered this and people in many other countries long ago found out reality but in this country the planned photo-op is something the mainstream media appears reluctant to ever address. Possibly, HBO will make a docudrama in ten years and include this false moment in their docudrama, an outcry will result and they'll display, on the screen, a card explaining that it may have been a photo-op. Kind of the way they did with the recent Gulf War docudrama where they put forth the disproven propaganda that babies were being pulled out of incubators?

Apparently, we have to fight for the truth because the mainstream media is uncomfortable with realities that conflict with the official spin.