Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Democracy Now!: Amy Goodman interviews Gareth Pierce; World Social Forum: George Martin

Democracy Now! covers what the New York Times won't (Marcia's new slogan).

Headlines for February 1, 2005
- Zarqawi Vows To Continue Fighting; Calls Election An "American Game"
- Video Purports To Show UK Plane Being Shot Down
- UN Says Genocide Not Occurring in Sudan
- ElBaradei Criticizes U.S. For Threatening Iran
- Students Say Press has "Too Much Freedom"
- NAACP Refuses to Cooperate With IRS Over Probe
- Ward Churchill Resigns Post Amid Controversy Over 9/11 Essay
- Homeless Vet Herold Noel Finds Home

EXCLUSIVE: British Human Rights Lawyer Gareth Pierce Says Torture "Is the Recipe for the Destruction" of International Human Rights
In a Democracy Now! exclusive, we speak with leading British human rights lawyer, Gareth Pierce. She is the lawyer for two of the four British citizens recently released from Guantanamo Bay and has represented the Birmingham Six and Guilford Four. Actress Emma Thompson played her character in the movie "In the Name of the Father." In a rare interview, Pierce says that Guantanamo Bay is evidence of "an appalling chasm...for the whole of our society morally to have fallen into." [includes rush transcript - partial]

World Social Forum 2005: Speakers Take on Bush, Iraq War in Porto Alegre
Over 150,000 participants attended the fifth World Social Forum in the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre. We hear an address by George Martin of United for Peace and Justice speaking about the war in Iraq.

Community member Dominick picked In The Name of the Father as his favorite movie.
Hopefully, there are enough reasons to check out Democracy Now! today but in case someone needs an additional reason, I'll point out Dominick's movie pick.

Also check out Matthew Rothschild's latest "This Just In" at The Progressive (http://www.progressive.org/webex05/wx013105.html):

The Iraq War is not over yet. And the election was by no means an endorsement of the U.S. occupation, even among Shiites. As Robert Fisk of the London Independent has written, "The Shias in the polling stations said with one voice that they were also voting to rid Iraq of the Americans, not to legitimize their presence."
The cost of the war has been intolerably high already. And it will get higher.
If Bush had any sense, he'd declare victory today and set a date certain for the end of the U.S. occupation. John Kerry said on "Meet the Press" this Sunday that Bush may actually do that.
I doubt it. Bush wants permanent bases in Iraq, and he's planning on stationing 120,000 U.S. troops there at least for another two years.
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