Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Rebecca & Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude's scoop

If you're on a home computer or in a work environment without a strict policy on language online, click on Rebecca's latest entry at Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude, you'll find out what Adam Nagourney didn't know or wasn't able to tell in Monday's New York Times story.

The post is entitled "bald and boring drops out of race after getting the message and the human cod liver oil pill adam nagourney missed it" and here's a section:

ol' ad nags wanted to frame it as 'howard dean is on the ropes' or donnie's on the rise coz of his pops. that was not the story. the story was that bald and boring was rejected.why?because he represents the failure that is the party. because he represents the insider culture that is grossly out of touch. because people have been weighing in about his refusal to proudly proclaim 'i am a democrat.' and mainly because frost can go on the attack and the party wanted to avoid that.

That was passed on to Rebecca for several reasons.

1) I'm frankly tired of being questioned about Fowler by Beth. (Good questions, but I'm tired of it.)

2) I could summarize the e-mail to Rebecca and from that she'd build her entry which would protect the source of the e-mail. If I'd blogged on it, I might have used a term without thinking and I really don't want to out the writer of the e-mail. This way, I was told, I summarized what I was told in my words, Rebecca summarized it in her words.

3) I want to be sure that we check out community members blogs. A Winding Road focuses on the Senate (and Martin Frost never served in the Senate). The Third Estate Sunday Review puts up their information on Sunday. Rebecca e-mailed shortly after the entry went up here Monday and asked what was being said.

Is it true? It's what I was told. I trust the source.

As Rebecca notes, the story wasn't that Dean was objected. Dean wasn't going to be supported by those who objected to him. The story was that Martin Frost got shut out. Read Rebecca's entry if you're curious about other details.

And if anyone (including Beth) has questions about Rebecca's entry, her e-mail address is sexandpoliticsandscreeds@yahoo.com.