Saturday, February 05, 2005

BuzzFlash and Stephanie Miller

I don't see a BuzzFlash "GOP Hypocrite of the Week" for this weekend but you can read or listen to the past ones by clicking on the link.
I'll also add, while searching, I saw that BuzzFlash does radio ads. (Text is provided so it's L,R -- listen or read.)
Friday, I was able to listen to The Stephanie Miller Show from Democracy Radio.
I think she has a great style, a wonderful voice and I'd encourage people to check her show out.
Some of you complain about the comedy bits on Unfiltered (I love those bits) and if you don't enjoy those, you'll probably enjoy Stephanie Miller's show because she's taking calls and commenting on the news of the day.
I'll listen again (hopefully sometime next week) but I believe I've noted before that I'm not a big fan of the call in format. I do think Miller handles calls very well and moves them along quickly so that you're not wishing she'd moved on about thirty seconds before.
I'm not seeing an archive so I believe you have to listen live (Monday through Fridays -- in the morning) or you miss it. If anyone knows of an archive for Miller's program (or for Ed Schultz's) please e-mail the site and we'll note it. [E-mail address is]
Frank in Orlando e-mailed about my taking the day off. I did two posts this morning. I had to meet with a study group today and I also did some volunteering. Saturday's a cleaning day as well. Add in that I've got a number of people over (and had to cook for that) and I realize I've been out of pocket. More posts will go up tonight but probably not for an hour (possibly two). (Our Black History Month highlight for sure. Hopefully, I'll also be able to grab time for the Magazine Report.)
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