Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Democracy Now!: "an experiment by America to see what interrogative methodology it could use . . ."

What I see it as, is an experiment, an experiment by America to see what interrogative methodology it could use and obtain results in disregard completely of the fact that this -- Well, consciously, in fact, knowing that it was using prohibited methods. An experiment to see what you could get (disregarding the fact that experience tells us it must be nonsense what you get from coercive interrogation), but also an experiment in testing reaction internationally and nationally. Will there be protest? Have we gone too far? And tragically, the answer probably is the experiment’s successful. There has not been world revulsion expressed that has compelled the United States to back down, to apologize, to release everyone, to pay reparation, to achieve a mea culpa, an acknowledgement, this should never be done again. No. Rumsfeld has said the recent results of the American election endorse our methods. There is a shameless intention to continue. Maybe falter for a moment. Maybe there’s been criticism, but not enough to stop it. And the result of the experiment is that worldwide there is now been a message: You can abandon every treaty obligation, abandon Geneva conventions, abandon human rights law, abandon guarantees of prohibition on torture. You can do the lot, and if you’re strong enough and powerful enough, and saber rattle war on terror terminology, nobody’s going to stop you. That's the tragic outcome.

That's Gareth Peirce speaking to Amy Goodman from Monday's Democracy Now! and Krista e-mailed requesting that we note it outside of the Democracy Now! entry Monday to make sure everyone noticed it.

This is a very powerful interview and an important one so if you haven't yet checked it out, please do so now.

The segment is L,W,R [Listen, Watch and/or Read].