Friday, February 04, 2005

Amy Goodman's appearence schedule for this weekend

Amy Goodman's Exception to the Rulers tour continues and here are appearences for this weekend:

2/4: Sarasota, FL
2/5: Bradenton, FL
2/6: New York, NY

And remember this from Wednesday:

This Sunday, Amy Goodman, Dahr Jamail (via sattelite) and others will be at Joe's Pub:

Sunday February 6
7:30 PM $20

On February 6th, while much of America will be watching the Superbowl, leading organizers and voices of the antiwar movement in America will gather at Joe’s Pub in The Public Theater for an inspiring evening of testimonies and performances to renew the spirit of peace. Iraq Veteran, former Marine Sgt. Jimmy Massey will read from his memoir "Cowboys From Hell," describing the indiscriminate killing of civilians during the invasion that lead to the chaos now engulfing the country of Iraq. United For Peace and Justice Director Leslie Cagan will speak on directions for the peace and justice movement. Host of Democracy Now! Amy Goodman will lead a conversation with acclaimed independent journalist Dahr Jamail via satellite live from Baghdad, on the elections and current conditions. America’s two most prominent Iraqi-American artists, pop/folk musician and Artemis Records recording artist Stephan Smith, who’s being hailed as “this generation’s Woody Guthrie,” and playwright-actress Heather Raffo, whose play “Nine Parts of Desire,” depicting the plight of women in war torn Iraq, is receiving widespread acclaim, will perform. Other guests are being confirmed. A live conversation with a doctor currently working in one of Baghdad's main hospitals is also planned. And surprise guests.
For more information, go to the web site for Joe's Pub ( and one more time, it's this coming Sunday.