Sunday, April 07, 2019

Some Tweets from Elizabeth Warren

  • Student loan companies routinely deceive teachers, first responders, & other public service workers about their eligibility for PSLF. I’m concerned that the has abandoned its oversight of these companies, and I want answers.
  • Housing costs are a real obstacle to families in MA & across the country, & we can’t fix it by nibbling at the edges. That’s why I’ve got an affordable housing bill to build 3M new housing units, reduce rents by 10%, & create 1.5M jobs. We can do this.
  • I’m glad is starting to buckle under pressure. But given the bank's history of scamming students, they need to do a lot more to prove that they belong on college campuses. Students deserve better.
  • UPDATE: After I demanded answers from about the exorbitant fees they've been charging college students, the bank has finally agreed to stop charging some fees on student debit cards.
  • For years, the US has been enabling Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. I was an early co-sponsor of legislation to end our support, which has now passed the House and the Senate. Our complicity must end – must sign this immediately.
  • Following troubling reports of security breaches & easy access to at Mar-a-Lago, & I want to know: is the doing enough to protect our national security?
  • In 2017, I asked to investigate whether has followed protocol for handling secure matters at Mar-a-Lago. GAO reported: while the protects the President, it’s the that determines who has access to Trump.
  • David Bernhardt has spent his career working to pollute our environment for corporate profits. He’s on the side of Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Ag – not the American people or public lands. When his nomination comes to the Senate floor for a vote, I’ll be voting no.
  • My plan to would stop walking conflicts of interest like David Bernhardt from running the same agencies they used to lobby.
  • That’s not all. A lawsuit alleges that Bernhardt’s ex oil and gas clients “began receiving sudden and dramatic windfalls only months since his swearing-in” as Deputy at . This is what happens when we let lobbyists waltz through the revolving door.
  • I’ve already called for an investigation into David Bernhardt’s actions at . As Acting Secretary, he worked to weaken important water and wildlife protections – that benefited his old lobbying clients.
  • The Senate Energy Committee just voted to advance David Bernhardt’s nomination to run – despite mountains of evidence that he’s more interested in working for swamp monsters like his ex-clients than protecting public lands.
  • Wishing my very best to as he fights cancer with the same toughness that he fights for Colorado families every day. We’re with you every step of the way, Michael!
  • We’re reintroducing the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act to expand the tools, resources, & services that incarcerated women need to successfully return to their families & communities.
  • After we introduced the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act in 2017, the Federal Bureau of Prisons began offering free sanitary products. And last year, many of our provisions were included in the bipartisan prison & sentencing reform bill.