Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Some Tweets from Beto O'Rourke

  • "O'Rourke's relentless campaign carried over into his second trip to Iowa. The former congressman made 6 stops in the Des Moines metro Saturday. His 12-hour day began and ended in Des Moines — after roughly 6 hours of stump speeches and voter questions."
  • Our thoughts are with the families of the three service members killed today in Afghanistan.
  • "O’Rourke called for a united front among parties in order to find solutions to large-scale problems such as immigration and climate change while laying out ideas for how he will address education debt, health care, and voting rights."
  • Really enjoyed being back in Iowa: ➡4 days ➡10 counties ➡843 miles driven ➡23 events across the state ➡6 neighborhood house parties in 12 hours ➡46 questions answered from voters Saturday alone Take a look at one day on the trail ⬇
  • Let's unite & do everything in our power to elect a president who will not allow her or his DHS Secretary to separate families, tear gas kids,put children in desert tent camps, inflict irreversible damage not only on our fellow human beings but on the conscience of this country.
  • Here's what a day on this people powered, grassroots campaign looks like ⬇️
  • Really great to be on campus this morning for our final town hall of this trip. See you again soon.
  • Thanks for an energizing return to IA. With 4days that included 17 town halls, 6 neighborhood parties & 5 schools, we were able to continue meeting with everyone, listening to everyone & learning from everyone as we commit to the work necessary to serving everyone in our country.
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    Qs to on the Israeli - Palestinian conflict; vetting for Supreme Court judges; taxation of ex pat Americans; sexual assault on college campuses and proposed changes to federal rules on how to respond
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    Glad I got a chance to hear speak in today and spend time with some fierce mujeres.
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    Democracy in action. – at Iowa Memorial Union
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    . covers Israel-Palestine conflict, said, "If we really care about the safety or the dignity of every Israeli or Palestinian in that region, then we have to have a two-state solution."
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    has arrived at a ballroom at the in Iowa City. – at Iowa Memorial Union
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    Thank you, for meeting with some of our UDems this morning!
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    . on stage at the University of Iowa's Memorial Union. Several hundred folks in the room. – at Iowa Memorial Union