Sunday, April 07, 2019

Some Tweets from Julian Castro

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    Thank you for the opportunity to share my vision, . I believe we need a Immigration policy — children & mothers fleeing desperate situations are not a national security threat. Help me reach the debates ➡️
  • Trading places with . I'll be back soon, ✈️ Come rally with on Wednesday in San Antonio:
  • Thanks for showing up, Los Angeles! As President I will continue to show up for each and every one of you.
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    Secretary met the Espitia’s at a rally in East LA! This is the first political event my parents have EVER attended.
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    Excellent rally with the next President of the USA w
  • Where I come from on the west side of San Antonio, much like many of you here in East LA, we weren't born frontrunners. We have to work hard to reach our dreams. But I believe that with your help, I can be a frontrunner on election day. Help me get there:
  • It's a beautiful day in East LA! Come out and join us as we rally for our future ⏩
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    We’re LIVE with ’s with . Tune in!
  • with is about to air on ! Tune in.
  • I'll be speaking more about my immigration plan and my vision for our future tomorrow in East LA. Meet me there! ➡️
  • Great to visit HQ today to talk with about my immigration plan, Trump’s foreign policy failures, and of course, the coveted endorsement! Tune in later today! Here's the interview:

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      NEW — A small bus company is charging migrants steep fares to get to San Antonio “We come through Mexico, they’re robbing you, you cross the U.S., they’re robbing you,” Jorge said. “And now you get to the U.S., and they rob you.”
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      Friday bonus Pod! We'll be interviewing and releasing it as part of our 2020 candidate series later today. Stay tuned!
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      Show up Latinxers! Support our real 1st Latinx Presidential candidate! This our big opportunity! This man is brilliant and the right side of morality and justice!
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      ICYMI: Our interview with 2020 presidential candidate .
    5. This president is bound and determined to dehumanize immigrants to boost his political future. We should not be treating immigrants as criminals. Instead of cruelty, we should choose compassion.
    6. Put simply, ICE must be put in check. Read my plan to end workplace raids and break up ICE:
    7. Rally in Cali this Saturday ⏩ RSVP: Get your / artwork there!
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      A meaningful platform from : He would stop deporting U.S. veterans and bring back those who have been deported. Advocates have confirmed 3k veteran deportations but Congressional Hispanic Caucus in 2017 acknowledged there could be as many as 30k deported veterans