Monday, April 08, 2019

Some Tweets from Elizabeth Warren

  • MA has led the country in protecting & promoting equality, from marriage equality to transgender rights. I’m proud we're leading again by banning the despicable practice of conversion therapy for kids, & I’ll keep fighting for a ban at the federal level.
  • I’m calling on the to explain the discrepancy. Our troops deserve better than to be used as political pawns. We owe it to them to ensure our military is prepared to meet real challenges, not fake crises of ’s own making.
  • The mission’s only objective seemed to be using the military for ’s political gain. DOD officials claimed the deployment had no impact on our military's readiness or budget. But according to the Marine Corps Commandant, that’s not the case:
  • When sent thousands of troops to our southern border, I questioned the timing (just before the mid-terms), the cost (hundreds of millions of dollars), and the strategy (non-existent).
  • The fact that fired the director at the same time the Mar-a-Lago news broke raises more concerns about the ’s handling of security matters. should expand its investigation to include the circumstances of Alles’ firing.
  • According to news reports, the March security breach at Mar-a-Lago was more serious than initially reported. But while the protects the President’s safety, it’s the that ultimately determines who has access to .
  • Last week, I requested that the IG review the vetting process used to protect the President from national security threats, & determine if the ignored or interfered with recommendations.
  • The Merrimack Valley pipeline explosions could have been completely avoided if executives had valued safety over profits. ’s Leonel Rondon Pipeline Safety Act would ensure that cutting corners on safety is a thing of the past.
  • Salem’s is fighting hard for affordable housing, but the federal government needs to be a strong partner for mayors like her. I’m grateful for her support of my affordable housing bill.
  • . separated mamas from their babies and locked little children in cages. I’m not sorry to see her go. I only wish she’d been fired long ago, before she ever had a chance to resign.
  • Student loan companies routinely deceive teachers, first responders, & other public service workers about their eligibility for PSLF. I’m concerned that the has abandoned its oversight of these companies, and I want answers.
  • Housing costs are a real obstacle to families in MA & across the country, & we can’t fix it by nibbling at the edges. That’s why I’ve got an affordable housing bill to build 3M new housing units, reduce rents by 10%, & create 1.5M jobs. We can do this.
  • I’m glad is starting to buckle under pressure. But given the bank's history of scamming students, they need to do a lot more to prove that they belong on college campuses. Students deserve better.
  • UPDATE: After I demanded answers from about the exorbitant fees they've been charging college students, the bank has finally agreed to stop charging some fees on student debit cards.