Thursday, April 11, 2019

Strong interest in meetings to fight fascist threat

From WSWS:

I just returned from the West Coast, where we held two very successful meetings featuring Christoph Vandreier, deputy national secretary of the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei and author of Why Are They Back?

The meetings were attended by more than 100 workers, students and young people.

Christoph is speaking alongside WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North tonight in Detroit, followed by meetings in Ann Arbor, Cambridge and New York City next week.
Help promote these meetings
Those who attended the meetings in California listened with great interest as Vandreier explained the historical lessons that must be learned to build a mass working class movement against the rise of the far-right.

The arrest this morning of Julian Assange underscores the immense importance of these meetings. Under conditions of growing social opposition and plans for new wars, the ruling elites are turning to authoritarian methods.

Events like these require resources to organize and promote.

We have no corporate backers and depend on your support. Please donate whatever you can today, be it $10.00 or $1,000, to help us meet the goal set of $10,000 to cover the expenses of this tour.

Joseph Kishore
SEP (US) National Secretary
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