Saturday, April 13, 2019

Your public comment needed: Stop Trump’s attack on our drinking water

Monday is the last day to submit comments on Trump’s Dirty Water Rule.
Even the Trump Administration has to take comments from the people. But corporate polluters are fighting like hell to enact the dirty water rule. The only way to stop them is with people power. Hip Hop Caucus is collecting your public comments and officially submitting them to the EPA.
You can read more about this important issue in our original email, below.
Team Hip Hop Caucus
Your Public Comment NEEDED:
Tell the EPA: "Stop Trump’s “Dirty Water Rule.” We need the federal government to do more, not less, to protect clean water"
Dear Friend,
Clean water is a basic human right. Yet unbelievably the Trump Administration has launched a dangerous attack on our communities that will put everyone's drinking water at risk.
You read that right. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the current Trump regime is pushing a plan that would roll back long-standing Clean Water Act safeguards by wiping out protections for streams that provide drinking water to tens of millions of people and wetlands that filter pollution and protect our communities from flooding. We call it Trump’s “Dirty Water Rule” and we need your help to stop it.
We need to expose Trump's latest attack on our most vulnerable communities by submitting as many public comments as possible.
Here’s the deal. For more than 46 years, thanks to the Clean Water Act, we have made significant progress in making our water safer for swimming, fishing, and drinking. But, today too many communities in the U.S. — especially low-income communities and communities of color — are still disproportionately suffering from pollution and contaminated drinking water.
Instead of doing more to safeguard our water the Trump regime’s “Dirty Water Rule” will jeopardize the sources of drinking water and create uncertainty for our families, communities, and businesses that rely on access to clean water and the protections that wetlands provide, like pollution filtering and absorbing floodwaters.
Water equity matters. Access to safe drinking water is a prerequisite for healthy, thriving communities, where everyone can participate, prosper and reach their full potential. The Dirty Water Rule would put water at risk for too many communities by removing protections for streams and wetlands across the nation. And unfortunately the rule will disproportionately harm low-income communities and communities of color.
Even Trump’s EPA must accept comments from the public whenever it considers changing a rule. But the deadline is coming soon--your voice is needed TODAY!
We can’t achieve equity and justice for all communities by radically wiping out safeguards for the water bodies we depend on to filter ground water, feed drinking water sources, and protect from flooding.
No body of water should be open for pollution or destruction. Let’s make sure they hear from as many of us as possible. This is about our right to clean water and protecting the health of our families and communities.
For Future Generations,
Rev Yearwood
President & CEO
Hip Hop Caucus
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