Sunday, February 28, 2021

#ChapoTrapHouse Chapo Trap House 2021 | GlenGreenwald Glen Ross feat. Glenn Greenwald


#ChapoTrapHouse "Glenn Greenwald calls in (for definitely the first time ever) from the Kompromat Kompound in Rio to talk to Will, Virgil and Matt about: - The John Podhoretz Schnipper's Saga - Hollywood's admiration of former CIA chiefs - ""What's the deal with this whole Russia thing?"" and why do liberals seem to care about it in lieu of real politics? - online privacy and how worrying about it can shape how act and what we think - Finally, we subscribe to Eric Garland's premium twitter content and plug some tour dates" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♥ Welcome to Chapo Trap House - HCK1 channel! Please like and subscribe my channel to more videos