Friday, April 19, 2019

Some non-crazy Tweets from Marianne Williamson (we exclude her crazy because we don't have time for it)

Marianne Williamson better watch herself.  Friendship doesn't protect her when she's Tweeting crazy Russian conspiracy theories.  Don't have the time for it.  You don't look like a real candidate when you play crazy Marianne.  And this site is about the only one that has treated you like a real candidate.  Prepare for us to kiss your ass goodbye if your Tweets continue to be about bulls**t.   I'm not digging through your Tweets or anyone else.  When you start your crazy, I stop because I'm not carrying your crazy over to this site.

Let's be honest, Marianne, you're not reaching anyone.  The few you have reached?  They're going to flee if you keep talking nutty s**t.  Americans need someone who's going to fight for them not waste time with lunacy.  Get a grip or you'll be the first dropped because being a friend doesn't get you a pass at this site but many do believe that I hold friends to stricter standards than I do people I don't know or ones I know but don't like. 

  • My book, A POLITICS OF LOVE: A Handbook for New American Revolution, is being published this week!
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  • The Democrat who beats Trump in 2020 will do so not because of his or her resume but because of the ability to connect deeply with voters. And someone able to connect with voters on the level of moral values will connect with them most deeply of all.
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