Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sign the petition: Repeal Trump tax scam to invest in our communities’ infrastructure

Tell Congress:
"From infrastructure for our communities ensuring access to clean drinking water to our healthcare, we need massive new investments in our country’s future – and in working families. That means raising trillions of dollars by making the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share of taxes."
Monday was the first Tax Day since the Trump tax-scam went into full effect. While working families in our communities are paying their fair share of taxes, we can’t say the same of the wealthy and big corporations. The Trump tax-scam cost nearly $2 trillion and is overwhelmingly benefiting the super rich at the expense of the rest of us.
This is why we are calling for a fairer tax system that contributes to an economy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few.
Let’s not forget – the main beneficiaries of the Trump tax scam are Donald Trump and the wealthy few who fund political campaigns. Millions of Americans filing their taxes this year and they are becoming increasingly aware and outraged by the truth about the Trump tax scam: It is nothing more than a cruel robbery of the poor and middle class people in our communities so that the big corporations and political donors can get massive tax breaks.
We need to channel our outrage against Trump Tax cuts. It’s not enough to simply return to the broken pre-Trump status quo – We have to let our Congressional leaders know that instead of proposals that would cut funding for direly needed infrastructure upgrades such as pipelines for safe drinking water or kick tens of millions of Americans off of their healthcare, we need to repeal the Trump-Republican tax cuts for the rich and corporations so that we can invest in our country’s future.
Now is the time for Congress to advance progressive tax reform that raises trillions of dollars from the rich and corporations to make major new investments in a green energy future, repair and strengthen our nation’s infrastructure to ensure basic needs such as access to safe drinking water, education, child care and to benefit families in our communities.
But it’s up to us to make sure leaders in Congress respond to we the people this tax season by supporting proposals that repeal Trump’s tax cuts for the rich and corporations so that we can invest in our country’s future.
For future generations,
Rev Yearwood
President & CEO
Hip Hop Caucus
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