Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Some Tweets from Elizabeth Warren

  • Congress passed a bipartisan bill to stop US support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. has just vetoed it. We can’t keep writing the Saudis blank checks. It's time to end our complicity in this humanitarian crisis – I’ll keep on fighting to get it done.
  • Title X provides basic health care services like birth control, cancer screenings, & HIV testing for millions of Americans. I’m in this fight to protect & expand Title X funding all the way.
  • Thank YOU for leading this fight, ! We make each other stronger.
  • Dr. has spent years studying how for-profit colleges prey on the poor, women, & people of color – sucking down taxpayer dollars & loading up students with debt for useless degrees, while Wall Street rakes in the cash. I just think that’s fundamentally wrong.
  • The fact remains: Military student loan borrowers overpaid $100M+ in student loan interest charges because of & ’s lack of communication. Service members & veterans should receive refunds for interest they never owed, but paid anyway.
  • I successfully included a provision in the 2018 budget authorization to automate service members' student loan benefits. I’m very glad DoD proposed an agreement with this week to ensure military student loan borrowers receive the benefits they’re owed.
  • Active duty service members in war zones are supposed to be exempt from paying any interest on their federal student loans. But hundreds – if not thousands – of military borrowers did not see that benefit due to bureaucratic obstacles at & .
  • David Bernhardt should have never been confirmed to lead with a slew of outstanding ethics complaints. I'm glad the Department's watchdog has now agreed to investigate. Bernhardt's supposed to protect our public lands, not his business interests​.
  • Months ago, I called for an investigation into David Bernhardt's work at to weaken important water and wildlife protections that benefited his former lobbying clients. But the Senate still voted to confirm him last week, despite his blatant conflicts of interest.
  • That means if you paid one dollar in taxes on , you paid more than Amazon, Chevron, and Eli Lilly – combined. When giant corporations contribute nothing while hard-working families pay their fair share, that’s a rigged system.
  • Corporations spent millions of dollars and sent armies of lobbyists to push for the . The result? A tax code so full of loopholes that dozens of giant companies paid nothing on .
  • Over the last 60 years, corporations have paid less and less in taxes, while working families foot the bill for critical government services. This , it’s time to ask who this country works for.