Friday, April 19, 2019

Women and representation

What is Friday here?  In the Iraq snapshot, we note the great historic moment we're in where six women -- six! -- are seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

It is historic.  I include a few Tweets from each and really don't make any comments about their campaigns.   The point is that this is historic.  It truly is.  The most in any race for the nomination before has been one.  That there are six women running is something to celebrate.

Thursday, here, we note women in Congress.  Women like Senator Tammy Baldwin and US House Rep Susan Davis who work so hard on so many real issues that aren't 'sexy' to the press because it comes down the kitchen table issues that effect so many Americans.

Senator Patty Murray is the ultimate workhorse in the Senate.  She focuses on issues that matter and on the American people.  The women we include along with her on Thursdays, all of them, deserve so much applause for the work they do.  But our press is more interested  and gas bagging and predictions  than it is in the needs of the American people.

I can't change the world.  I can only be responsible for what I do.  Which is why this site highlights women.  The rock canon was built by men (and women who wanted to please men) and that's why women are left out.  They're not left out here.  We celebrate women in music here -- Melanie, Chaka Khan, Tori Amos, Alicia Keys, Carly Simon, Tracy Chapman, Diana Ross, Joni Mitchell, India Arie, etc.  If you're not pleased with women's accomplishments being overlooked, stop using your space -- whether it's online or offline or whatever -- to promote one man after another while ignoring women.  Be the change you want to see.  Be Alice Walker using your space to create the world you want.

This Friday, we're also noting Bernie Sanders (see previous post). He's dealing with real issues in his Tweets -- it can be done as Bernie demonstrates.  We would have noted Beto but he had one bit of crazy in his 24 hours of Tweets.  Only one.  I know many in the community with their own websites do not like Beto and that's fine.  I do like Beto.  I like him because of his work in Congress and his throughtful -- and important -- questions during Congressional hearings.  I also checked Julian Castro -- Julian, as a friend, I'm imploring you, stop indulging in the crazy.

Our Friday inclusion of women running for the nomination in the Iraq snapshot will continue.  It may only continue for as long as US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard is in the race because she's the only one not wallowing in the crazy.  I've called out this nonsense forever and a day and I'm not going to promote some politician with a vagina who wants to indulge in the crazy.  If that's what the other five think makes a winning campaign then they can get noted somewhere other than here.

We have called out the re-creation of The Cold War since 2013.  There are enough things to criticize Vladimir Putin for without bringing up a collusion that did not exist.  And the way the media in this country has tried to generate hatred towards the Russian people is appalling and disgusting.

Over the last three years, a large number of Media Democrats have indulged in xenophobia and War Mongering.  That is how McCarthyism started, for those too stupid to know their history or too stupid to think repeating it is a good thing.

I am appalled by what so many are enabling.  This is not how we get to a better place for our country.

And talk of impeachment?  That's b.s. as well.  Nancy Pelosi and I have disagreed on many things for many years (she is my US House Representative) and we have agreed on a few things.  She is exactly right on impeachment.  When she made her statement at the start of the year, I explained it here and said she could be right, she could be wrong.  It is almost May now.  She's not wrong now.  It is too late to start an impeachment.  An election is coming up.  So now we're going to pretend that collusion existed -- or is it obstruction that we're going to after?  That's nonsense.  Neither collusion nor obstruction took place.  Donald Trump (who I did not vote for and will not vote for and who I have called out for years here and at THIRD -- even before Rosie O'Donnell had a chance to stumble upon the problem with Donald) actually cooperated more than presidents usually do.

And Elizabeth Warren's calling for impeachment?  See the following community posts:

  • If the Democratic Party can't focus on America's future, they can lose to Donald again.

    And maybe that's what they want?  Who knows at this point?

    But if they want to fight for the American people, you better believe they will win votes.

    Three years of garbage claims that Donald and the Russian government colluded to steal an election have helped no one and it's now election seasons.  Not for the mid-terms, it's election season for the presidency.  It's time to focus on real issues or just say, "Hey, I'm a nutty conspiracy clown, don't waste your vote on me!"  That's what Elizabeth has now declared.  She's insane.  And she's pressuring Dems in the House so she's declaring war with the other branch of the House and with the Speaker of the House.  Elizabeth Warren is deeply disturbed.