Saturday, April 20, 2019

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

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    As Obama “mourns” the loss of one iconic Cathedral, remember that this is the same man who armed Al-Qaeda terrorists that attacked, looted and destroyed the churches and monasteries of ’s Maaloula, one of the oldest Christian towns in the world.
  • A literal genocide is happening right now in at the hands of Saudi Arabia, the US, the UAE and the UK. But Western media outlets are you too busy spreading lies and laying the groundwork for the next illegal regime change war in to cover it.
  • Beautiful. protesters salute today in . Thank you .
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    The British media are systematically betraying their public by the orchestrated silence over the extraordinary events in not 30 miles away.
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    Debunking All The Assange Smears Here it is, the comprehensive debunking of the 27 most common smears against Julian Assange. This is an ongoing project, so if there's anything missing or inaccurate just let me know.
  • If this footage was from Russia, Syria, or Venezuela, rather than today, it would be televised incessantly all across our mainstream media.
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    Julian & his family wish to thank everyone around the world protesting his unlawful, brutal political persecution, torture, imprisonment & prosecution for courageous multi-award winning journalism exposing high level crimes, incompetence & corruption.
  • Wow. ’s Qalb Lozeh, a 5th century church in , is the source of inspiration for Europe’s Romanesque and Gothic Cathedrals, including . This treasure is under threat today by Earth’s largest Al-Qaeda franchise—protected by the US & EU.
  • Never Forget: 23 years ago, Israel massacred 106 Lebanese civilians, 52 of them children, by bombing a UN shelter in ’s village of . The same Israel that arms Al-Qaeda rebels terrorizing the people of today, and receives $104 in US taxpayer money per second.
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    Israeli massacres are never marked by Western media, and our dead children don’t make it to social media of Western journalists. 23 years ago in 1996 the Israeli terrorist army murdered women and children in a UN shelter in Qana (where my aunt lived). 103 civilians were killed.
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    Obama, many of the destroyed Syrian churches and monuments PRECEDE Notre Dame.
  • Looks like you need a slight readjustment to reality Morgan: Time for the US government to end its illegal occupation of Syrian territory & halt all the criminal sanctions on the Syrian people, not to mention stop emboldening Israel in its theft of ’s land & resources too.
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    And let's not forget the bombing of Serbia which used 10-15 tons of depleted uranium....
  • Who wouldn’t wanna “strengthen” the criminal alliance that bombed to smithereens, turning what once was Africa’s most prosperous country into a safe haven for terrorists who now enjoy selling human beings in open slave markets? Yay!
  • You bombed no less than 8 countries throughout your presidency, killing and displacing millions and causing an infinite amount of destruction, and heavily armed terrorists who wanted to exterminate the Christian communities of and . Who you kidding?
  • Chucky, you voted for the criminal Iraq War; championed Israel’s destruction of Lebanon in 2006; and supported the wars on Gaza, Libya and Syria. You’re the last person on the face of the planet to decry inhumanity anywhere—especially . Save us your crocodile tears.
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    . doesn’t have authority to engage our Armed Forces in this war regardless of this joint resolution. Congress never authorized war, so it’s unconstitutional and unlawful for the president to have entered the U.S. into hostilities. Stop aiding the Saudis in this brutality.
  • : Hillary - Closed a deal for $29.4 billion in F-15 jets to Saudi Arabia; Obama - Enabled Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war; Trump - Sold Saudi Arabia $460 billion in weapons and vetoed the bill to end US support for the war; History will remember these war criminals’ names.
  • In other words, Trump will continue aiding and abetting Saudi Arabia’s bombing and starvation of tens of millions of innocents to death in , furthering the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the world. Absolutely disgraceful.