Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Some Tweets from Kirsten Gillibrand

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    I’m running for president. Let’s prove that brave wins. Join me:
  • I'm so thankful to receive 's endorsement here in Chicago tonight, and I'm proud to endorse her to be the next congresswoman for IL-03. Illinoisans deserve leaders who will truly fight for all of them, including women seeking reproductive healthcare. !
  • You're on! If you win, my campaign will make a donation to . If I win, be my tour guide on an Iowa trip this summer? See you Friday 💪
  • Recently a reporter asked me why I think I'm the candidate who's best able to take on Trump and get things done. Here's my answer.
  • When spoke up about rampant sexual harassment in the Iowa Senate, she was fired. So she filed a lawsuit, and won—leading the Senate to change their policies and create accountability. That's bravery. And I'm so honored to have her support.
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    The economic rift between white and nonwhite families is worse today than it was 40 years ago. This is unacceptable. Thank you, , for endorsing our new report on policies to bridge this ! 🎉 via
  • Institutional racism throughout our society has created a racial wealth gap that holds families back for generations. We need solutions both broad and targeted, from full employment and raising wages to postal banking and studying reparations.
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    I flew into NY today to meet with my friend to discuss the Presidential Election, and how we can help moving forward. She made personal time for a little guy like me from Iowa after a long days work. You have a special place in my heart. #2020