Saturday, April 20, 2019

Some Tweets from Ann Garrison

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  • This says "next" extradition hearing. Has one already taken place? via
  • Respectful Assange put through 'hell' at embassy, says former diplomat | World News | Sky News
  • Boom Goes Julian - Stevie Big Gee - gs made for good people via
  • Today Barbara Lee's Oakland office scheduled a meeting with East Bay Vets for Peace, Chapter 162, at the end of April.
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    “Kagame’s Inner Circle Is Shrinking With Departure Of Musoni And Gasana” by David Himbara
  • Now every Russiagate hack and another are claiming there's hard evidence of their conspiracy theory in the . I just read "Mueller Report: Smeared Seth Rich to Cover for Russians" in the .
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    The greatest recruiting sergeant for actual fascism in Britain would be to allow the Blair-led FBPE crowd to cheat the 17.4 million out of the victory as parliament is trying to do in plain sight. Amazing how many people can’t see that.
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    Yemen was Obama’s war. Democrats would have remained silent if he or another democrat were in office. They would never have passed that bill.
  • Assange Exposes Democrat Fascists, Torturers & Warmongers via
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    I just added my name to an appeal to UK Prime Minister : The fate of is in your hands. Speak out for him to be released immediately. Protect freedom of press Via via
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    Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church hosts President Paul Kagame, spurring outcry: "They think this guy is a savior, but they're wrong. To invite him is like inviting Hitler to a Holocaust remembrance event," said Christine Coleman, pastor from Rwanda