Friday, April 19, 2019

Some Tweets from Tulsi Gabbard

Oh, look, unlike the other five women running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard can call out Donald Trump -- call him out for real reasons and over real issues.  She doesn't have to hide behind the crazy and claim backroom deals with Russia that never took place.  There is much to criticize about Donald and I hear it when I speak to various groups across the country.  I hear a much smarter American people across the country than I do on my TV.  I'm tired of cheap and trashy cable TV which pretends talk shows are news show -- they are not.  They are the cheapest form of TV.  There is no budget for reporting -- let alone investigative reporting.  It's just gas bags in front of cameras.  Cheap, tawdry crap that insults all of our intelligence.  The American people are dealing with real issues.  They need a leader who will deal with real issues as well.  Today, Tulsi is the only women running for the nomination who demonstrated real leadership.

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    Trump’s criticism of Rep is complete hypocrisy. Trump says “WE WILL NEVER FORGET (9/11)!” Yet it is Trump who’s been acting as al-Qaeda’s big brother and protector in Syria, and turned America into the prostitute of AQ's biggest supporter—the Saudis
  • If our leaders & media want to protect our elections, not just score political pts, first & most important thing we must do is institute b/up paper ballots by passing my Securing America’s Elections Act so no one can manipulate our votes & hack our elections
  • As president, I will end federal subsidies for oil companies that are destroying our air, land & water & invest that money in supporting renewable energy to ensure our energy & food security and build a brighter future for all.
  • . The most dangerous coverup is that US voting machines are vulnerable to hackers. If we lose faith in election results, democracy crumbles. The Justice Dept should be focused on instituting paper ballot backups, per my Securing America's Elections Act.
  • There are bad people in the world, but we can't be the world’s policeman. Regime change wars cost millions of lives, strengthen terrorist orgs, undermine our national security & waste precious money that should be used to improve the lives of the American people.
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    Jaw-dropping video shows a young girl with a prosthetic leg perform an amazing gymnastics routine full of backflips, somersaults and more! "Nothing in life will ever stop her," her proud mother says.
  • By vetoing War Powers Act, Trump again proves he’s the servant of Saudi Arabia—the theocratic dictatorship spending billions spreading the most extreme & intolerant form of Islam around the world, supporting al-Qaeda & other jihadists, & waging genocidal war in Yemen w/ US help
  • Trump is surrounded by neocon war hawks who supported regime change wars in Libya, Iraq, they’re calling for overthrow the govts of Venezuela and Iran, and the result will be the same: thousands of lives lost, trillions wasted, more suffering.
  • Notre Dame was constructed to remind us of the beauty and greatness of God, and to have a place to gather in that remembrance. Today, we mourn with France, and Catholics around the world. Tomorrow, we rebuild.
  • Another , another year corporations like Amazon pay $0 taxes. The rich & powerful pay to play & write laws so they don't pay taxes. Trump has made this corruption even worse, turning the swamp into a cesspool. As President, I will change this and put .
  • This is so heartbreaking and such an incredible loss.