Friday, April 19, 2019

Some Tweets from Bernie Sanders

  • More than 4 in 5 American Indian and Alaska Native women have experienced violence, and more than 1 in 2 have experienced sexual violence. They deserve justice now. We must reauthorize and expand the Violence Against Women Act.
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    Today, the staff union of the presidential campaign took a moment to show their support for Stop & Shop workers on strike in New England.
  • I am honored to be endorsed by South Carolina State Reps. , , , , , Shedron Williams and Wendell Gilliard. Thank you all for joining me in this fight.
  • Our government will be based on justice. Join us live as we build our movement in Greenville, SC:
  • Nearly 7 in 10 Americans—and a majority of both Republicans and Democrats—support marijuana legalization. The American people agree. It is time our federal government listens. We must end the criminalization of marijuana in this country.
  • The problems we face go much deeper than what one person or one election can fix. Our campaign is about building a movement of people to take on the powerful forces of greed, racism and authoritarianism. That is how we will not only defeat Trump but create an America for all.
  • As the richest country in history we shouldn't have millions in poverty. Join us in South Carolina:
  • Join our campaign in Greenville, SC today at The Peace Center as we continue building our movement to make health care a right and demand justice for all.
  • These CEOs make 1,000 times more than their employees: -Arthur Peck, Gap -Ynon Kreiz, Mattel -Joseph Hogan, Align Technology -Kevin Clark, Aptiv -Brian Niccol, Chipotle -David Zaslav, Discovery -Bob Iger, Disney This level of inequality is a threat to our economy and democracy.
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    “The backing represents the biggest number of black lawmakers to back a 2020 hopeful to date in this state, which holds the first primary in the South.” Come on South Carolina!
  • We must recognize climate change for what it is: an international crisis that threatens humanity. We must also see this moment as an opportunity: we can create millions of jobs and revitalize our economy by passing a Green New Deal.
  • Under Medicare for All, Americans will no longer have to worry about: -Networks -Premiums -Deductibles -Copays -Surprise bills -Losing coverage We are going to end the greed of insurance companies and put patients first.
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    I'm honored to be on for work in . Thanks to and for the kind profile. Mostly, thank you to my brave colleagues. Hope this increases pressure to stop violations and end the war in
  • . reported a $3 billion profit for 2018 and paid its CEO more than $9 million. Its tax rate? -10.3%. When we're in the White House, we'll make corporations pay their fair share of taxes, and break up agribusiness monopolies that are squeezing farmers and communities.
  • We had 110,000 fewer teachers than needed in the last school year, and every state started the last school year with teacher shortages. We must invest in our teachers and students. Please read my friend 's speech on this important issue:
  • For the first time of our 2020 campaign we are heading to Texas! Join us next Wednesday, April 24, for a rally in Houston. See here for more info and to RSVP:
  • The CEO of GM made $21 million in compensation last year—281 times what their average worker makes. GM pays nothing in federal income taxes. Meanwhile, GM is closing two Michigan plants and outsourcing American jobs. When we are in the White House this corporate greed will end.
  • Siemens has received about $725 million in federal contracts over the last 2 years. Now Siemens is shipping American jobs overseas. Our message to Siemens: we are going to end your greed when we are in the White House.
  • We must invest in jobs and education, not jails and incarceration. Join us in Spartanburg, SC:
  • As long as private health insurance companies are allowed to make as much money as they want, our health care system will not work. We need Medicare for All.
  • "There was a gentleman sitting beside me today that was kind of on the fence about Bernie, and it totally changed his mind when he saw what Bernie stands for." –Kelly Street
  • We must also work to do everything we can to protect our future elections from the significant threat of foreign interference, and I call on President Trump and Republican leadership to stop obstructing the necessary work to protect our democracy.