Friday, April 19, 2019

Some Tweets from Amy Klobouchar

Six women are running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  On Fridays, we note that in the snapshot.  Not today because we never pimped the Russian hysteria.  I'm not interested in that garbage and neither are the American people.  We've noted repeatedly here that the Democrats needs to focus on issues, real issues.  Hysteria has never been one.  Pollster Mark Penn is right.  And 'proof' of popularity is not the tiny bump that MSNBC sees in their low ratings -- yes, they have low ratings -- more people watch COMEDY CENTRAL than MSNBC, more people watch PBS than watch MSNBC.  These niche channels with talk shows pretending to be public affairs program have very small audiences.  Go out in the country and speak, as I have for the last years, and you will see, as I have repeatedly noted, Russia hysteria is a dead issue.  It does not generate enthusiasm from anyone except the tiny pathetic crowd that thinks Rachel Maddow is a journalist.  She's not, she's a talk show host and a cheap hustler.  Out in America, people are talking about real issues.  I'm trying to show support for six women who are running to be president.  If any of these women continue to pimp the hysteria as they have today (which is why we didn't include them in the snapshot this morning), I will reduce the six we cover to only the ones not pimping the hysteria.  There are real issues out there, stop putting trash on your Twitter feeds.  Start addressing real issues.  Your Russiagate imploded, you look like fools and idiots.  Americans need jobs, need real healthcare, need an end to these wars and real investment in the American economy and infrastructure.  If you can't address that, I don't have time for you.  And this is going at the top of Amy's Tweets because she is the worst offender.  (Go to her Twitter feed, I'm not including any of these candidates acting nutty and sporting Russia hysteria.)

  1. To everyone celebrating Passover: Chag Pesach Sameach!
  2. Excited to join for a Town Hall on Monday at 6 PM Central and 7 PM Eastern. Join live to hear more about my plans to make sure everyone in this country has a real opportunity to get ahead.
  3. I stand in solidarity with the Stop & Shop workers who are asking for fair wages and compensation. Stopped by the Somerville, Massachusetts picket line today to lend my support
  4. Great to see students in the halls of the Iowa State Capitol yesterday. Thanks to for capturing democracy in action!