Saturday, April 20, 2019

Historic Drum Corps Books for Sale

Drum Corps World is excited to announce that TWO of our best-selling hard cover books are now available for digital download! Each book is jam packed with 432 pages of information about the History of Drum & Bugle Corps.

Now you can get either book for just $5.99 each!
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Volume 1

• 432 pages
• Published in hardcover, June 2002
• 1,604 black and white photographs and

• Photos representing 304 corps (1921-1971)

   and 623 corps (1972-2001)
• Scores from 1921 to 2001 from all major 

   junior/senior circuits and championships
• Master list of 7,500+ corps across the

   United States and Canada
• Chapters about the early years of the 

   movement, beginning in 1921
• Evolution of the bugle from the early 1880s

   to the early 21st Century
• How musical and visual design has evolved
• Drum and bugle corps that have been

   recorded from the 1950s to the late 1970s
• Development of marching percussion
• Activity takes to the airwaves on PBS
• Bibliography of drum corps-related articles

   that appeared in general-circulation
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Volume 2

• 432 pages
• Published in hardcover, June 2003
• 1,360 black and white photographs
• The beginning of Drum Corps Associates
• Armed Forces drum and bugle corps
• The art and science of judging over the

• Artistic personalities for selected corps
• Review of drum corps periodicals from post-

   World War II to the 21st Century
• Drum corps spreads to Europe, South Africa,

   the Far East and Southeast Asia
• Profiles of 86 junior and senior corps with 

   multiple photos of each, past and present


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