Saturday, April 20, 2019

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

  1. Julian Assange with Ecuadorean embassy staff during the days of the Rafael Correa administration. They gave him a birthday.
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    We're living in a time when the establishment is content to keep us misinformed, confused. So many coming forward to use as a weapon against their lies. Here's epic effort: And Margaret Kimberley :
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    “The people who go on...about Trump being a fascist, then he does something that is absolute by definition fascist, & being behind bars, & you don’t hear a peep out of them.” WATCH AGAIN Vigil:
  5. Lee Stranahan is holding a vigil in Lafayette Park in front of the white house in support of Julian Assange. Are you in or near Washington DC? You should join him.
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    ⏳ Weekly Online Vigil 26.0 ⏳ Our hosts and concludes this week's vigil for . Thank you all for joining us! Replay:
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    ⬆️⏳Vigil 25 was chock full of information!⏳⬆️ And here at 2:38:54:
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    I have no doubt that Obama would’ve vetoed this too: he greenlit the war & maintained critical support. But it’s Trump’s war now, & this veto should be a national scandal. It won’t be though, because elites decide what our scandals are, & complicity in mass murder doesn’t cut it:
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    media cheer co-founder Julian Assange's arrest. Read my latest article in !
  10. Vigil begins tomorrow at the White House in support of Julian Assange. Calling all journalists.
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    ⏳Vigil 26 ⏳Apr 19th Panel discussion w/ Margaret Kimberley Editor : You have to have a political center to be skeptical of the establishment narrative & the intell agencies. It takes energy to search the truth
  12. Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange Funny but sad. The state of corporate regarding Julian Assange.
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    I did this news report back in October titled: 'Ecuador might use Assange as a bargaining chip with the U.S.' I should have titled it: Corrupt right-wing can't wait to trade in for big juicy Loan.
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    It likely wouldn’t have made a difference, but I can tell you that it was extremely difficult to get left/adversarial outlets to cover Russiagate w/ the skepticism & pushback it deserved. The job was left to a small group, working individually. A wasted opportunity, & a failure.
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    It's clear what he's saying: that Russiagate skeptics (and most of all: MSNBC critics) are similar to those who ended up supporting, wittingly or otherwise, the continuation of slavery. It's just as appalling as you suspected.
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    I got my beef w/ Lincoln for trying to ship blacks off to Central America, but all of the claims Hayes made was worse w/ Confederates/Democrats. I, too, would like to know what he's on about.
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    Another African Convicted in Another Racist, Chauvinist Western Court by Ann Garrison Western propaganda about the Genocide has been so triumphant that a Rwandan Hutu on trial in the West faces can’t get a fair trial.
  18. Why Should African/Black People Care About NATO, U.S. in Africa? and Vanessa Beck discuss , the black radical tradition, foreign and domestic policy connections. (Part 2 of 2 discussions)
  19. BAP on The Real News: Reviving the Black Anti-war Tradition Watch and Vanessa Beck discuss the importance of the black radical tradition in the anti-war movement
  20. What is talking about? It had better be important if he's going to use the enslaved to make a point. They should not be used for some specious b.s. that he won't state clearly.
  21. Did the Rich family approve of this press release?
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    The International Struggle Against the Fake News of the U.S. Empire: Remarks at the National Writers Union  by Danny Haiphong The Mueller Report’s conclusion cannot reverse the damage done to left journalism and activism by the fake news witch hunt.
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    Whatever you think of personally, that does not matter. He’s a journalist. And if you don’t think he’s a real journalist, then he’s a real source. It’s one or the other — and both must be protected if freedom of the press means anything in Britain or the United States.